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I hope so,but why if I did it out of love do I feel so guilty?why do I feel like I betrayed him? Those eye,THOSE EYES! I pray Jesus just helps me come to terms with what I did.talking to you guys helps a ton,not many people love their dog like I do/we do!

your broken friend,
Ill never be the same...
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We feel guilty on a lot of levels. One because naturally we love them and it's so hard to say goodbye. We want them here enjoying life with us. Two because it's not an easy decision to make. We worry if it's right, even when we can see they are suffering and life has become so hard for them, still we worry if we did the right thing. It's a very tough decision. When Zeke passed, air expelled several times which was difficult to hear. I almost felt like oh no, was this right. But I knew he had been in so much pain and had trouble breathing and walking that he was ready to go.
Guilt is a natural feeling after this because it was such a hard decision to make.
You are in my prayers. Keep remembering the love for Baby that even was granted at the end.
Ronda Hobbs
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