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I have ashes from cats who died years ago that are int he same plastic containers they were given to me in because I couldn't decide what to do.  I put their favorite toy on top of the little container.
Timmer died two months ago and things have changed!  They gave me a gorgeous cherry wood box with his name engraved on it.  and a card with his paw print!  I cherish that so much.  I have it all set on a special shelf with a baggie that has some of his fur in it, I put some of his favorite toys around it (he had so many it was hard to choose!).  And a friend had a custom made candle made for me as a gift she got off Etsy with his photo on the glass jar. 
I light the candle every Friday night because he passed on a Friday.  Feels like it was just yesterday. The grief is still very painful.  I really cherish the paw print tho, and the fur in the baggie is just sacred to me.  
This weekend I had some photos printed out and made a sweet little album. I'm grateful for every picture of him that  I have.
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Your dog looks like our dog Molly a Maltese that was 16 which we had to put down 2 years ago.  She was the sweetest dog ever.  Time will help.

Helen Butcher
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