This website has renewed my faith in humanity, to say the least. So many wonderful people who have been so good to their pets, and in return were rewarded with true, deep, and lasting love. The real thing, and in abundance.

I just wanted to write a quick note here to thank everyone for their good wishes after my own loss, but more than that, to tell you what outstanding and caring people you all are. Losing a pet, to me, is the hardest thing I've ever had to bear, but knowing we can lean on each other for comfort really, really helps.

You're the best, folks. A million thank yous.

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Bob, what wonderful sentiments, and I`d like to agree with everything you`ve said.  We have  forums similar here in the UK, but nothing compares to the beautiful people on this site. Such compassion from total strangers - all going through their own personal hell - I came to this site in absolute pieces, and to find so many genuine animal lovers has helped me so much. 

                  Warm wishes to everyone here, I hope you all find the comfort I did.
                                                                  Jackie. x
J Taylor
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Couldn't agree more.  I too several weeks ago felt I needed to start a new thread to thank everyone here.  It is truly remarkable isn't it?  Not sure I would have made it this far without the support I found here.  As you said so well, it is good to know that there are really GREAT people still around in the world.  When you watch the news you just about give up on humanity as a whole, but they don't tell the good stories like what we hear on this site.

I do hope you are making progress in this awful journey that none of us wanted.  Today is a bad day for my husband.  You just never know when it will hit.
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