I am writing because 3 days ago we had to put down our almost 16 year old lab/retriever mix. He ran with my husband 6 days ago, went hiking 2 days before he got really ill, with my brother and I. He had cancerous tumors in his tummy that started bleeding and left him very ill and weak within 12 hours. He was my "handsome boy" and just a great companion to my husband for the past 16 years. He was my and my springers companion for the last 2 years and we were just a great family. It happened so fast and it has been a struggle. But he rallied on Friday, he got up on his own, he could go outside to sniff and pee, but he never wanted to go far from us. We decided to have him pass at our home. The vet came to our home. It was so hard to see him go, but the alternative because of his condition was to watch him suffer more and more in the next 24 hours.
We let him eat his favorite turkey bacon and broccoli, and he loved rice milk. Our neighbors came to say good bye, they loved him...and they aren't even dog people. But WY WY got to them as well. They loved him. His grandparents came to say good bye.
It really was a wonderful morning with our buddy. When it was time he walked to his bed and laid down with my husband, myself, our other dog jsut laid right next to him and he fell a sleep with some beautiful drumming music and surrounded with love.
I have an empty spot in my day, in my house, in my routine and in my heart! I miss the sound of his nails tapping the floor, his tail hitting the wall when he's waking me up in the moring, his welcomes, WY Wy pushing his nose under our arms and through our legs to say "hey I am here lovin you!"
He never let me or my husband suffer, and I hope we did the same for him, and we miss him terribly!!
I really lost it the other day, and showed up at my vet. She talked to me for awhile. She really connected with our dog, and switched her day to be with us and to be the one to help WY WY pass. That was just so awesome to hear how much she enjoyed our dog as well.
I just really miss my "handsome boy!!!" I have good moments in my day and then something happens and it becomes very hard.
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Dear Lenora,

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.  WY WY sounds like a fantastic friend, and it's clear that he was so well loved.  What a wonderful life he knew with your family!  I wish every dog could know what it means to be treasured and loved the way he did.  You did everything right for him, and everything possible to make his send-off one that was worthy of him.  What a gift that is!

It takes time to get a good grip on the path to healing, but you are well on your way.  Let the tears flow when they must, but also welcome the wonderful memories of Wyatt's beautiful life with you.  It's all a one day, one hour, one minute at a time experience in the beginning. 

You, your family, your Springer and your dear Angel Wyatt are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Thank you so much!!!!
Today was the first time I took Izar, our springer to the park with out WY WY. It was hard for me, but Izar was so excited to be back and see other dogs.
I think its hardest for me when i come home and there is a quiet. We all make different noise. Wyatts noise is missing.
Its amazing when you realize what is missing and how that sound and movement was part of your day!
Thank you so much for your kind email, it has touched my heart and helped me very much!!!
Izar says "thank you" as well, he just wants his mom happy all the time:)
much love back!
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I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful WY WY.  He sounds like such a wonderful companion, and your family and neighbors obviously loved him very much.  I recently lost my sweet JRT/beagle Shiner to something very similar - in her case a splenic tumor that ruptured quite suddenly.  I can really relate to your loss, and your story touched my heart.  It sounds like you did everything possible to make WY WY comfortable and to minimize any suffering.  I am sure he appreciated being able to leave for the rainbow bridge from home, surrounded by loving family.  You will always have a special place in your heart for your handsome boy, and I believe that he knows that.

Please come back often and share pics or other stories when you feel ready.  People here really understand what you're going through.

Hugs, Shiner's mom

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Again this is really so beautiful. Reading about your selflessness and love for your handsome boy really helped me to find a little peace. It is clear that Wyatt is very well loved just like K2 is. Knowing Wyatt must have been in doggie paradise in his passing gives me faith that K2's was just as calming an experience for him.

"I promised I would never leave you and you should always know no matter where you go no matter where you are I never will be far away....Goodnight my angel now its time to dream and dream how wonderful your life will be...someday we'll all be gone but lulabies go on and on they never die that's how you and i will be."
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Dear Lenora,

My beloved lab/shepherd Max also passed suddenly from a ruptured tumor (believed on liver and spleen) as well.  Since the situation is so urgent you have to make quick decisions that are so difficult.  I remember sobbing to my vet that it was too big a decision to make so quickly, and how could it be that he was just barking at othe dogs.  She told me that this is sadly common in older dogs, but I still felt such guilt putting him down.  It wasn't until I came to this forum and read about so many other beloved pups, like Shriner's Mom mentioned, being lost in this way that I could manage my feelings.  I pray that you can take solace in this as well.  

Much love, Lisa
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