Hi, new member here. Feeling completely lost. Lost my best friend of only 6 years on wednesday. I took my beloved weimaraner remington into the vet on monday only to hear the worst most shocking news I could imagine. I thought he had a bladder infection or uti because he had a couple accidents in the house which hasn't happened since he was a puppy. They found a huge mass on an xray. I was so scared for him and immediately made an appointment the next day for an ultrasound. The waiting was killing me, the thought of losing him to an aggressive cancer, I couldn't bare it. We got the results and I was completely beside myself,, it was bad and there was nothing that could be done. Surgeory could possibly extend his life 6 weeks. I couldn't put him or myself through this whirlwind of agony again. I was told he had a ticking time bomb in him and that his spleen could rupture at anytime causing him to bleed to death. I was and am still so devestated. A few weeks ago he was running with the other dogs at the park having the time of his life. I decided to have put to sleep at my home while holding his head in my arms. I am so overwhelmed by saddness. I was able to spend one last day with him, up at 6:00 am for a final visit to park, I grilled him a fillet mignon that I picked up at the butcher shop the night before, then a 2 hr nap as his energy just wasn't what it used to be, a long drive through the country with the windows down he loved the smells of country while his big floppy ears blew in the wind, a final stop at mcdonalds for a couple cheeseburgers. Back home to just be together during his final hour. I recently got his ashes back. His urn sits on a shelf on top of section of fabric cut out of his favorite recliner chair,, he loved that chair and I wanted him to always be able to sit on it. He sits on my shelf, his chair, next to all his favorite toys. This pain of his absence causes me to cry without warning, a pain that only time can truly heal.
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I am so sorry about your dear boy, and also so sad that you posted this last November and never got a reply. The section of the forum that gets most attention for anyone grieving after the death of a pet is the "Pet Loss" section. That's why, I guess, your post was missed.

You gave him the best in your heart during his last days. And everything he liked, and enjoyed most. I did the same with my girl, who passed from hemangiosarcoma. She wasn't so bad on her last day, so we had a quiet but happy time.
We try to make their lives happy all the time they live with us, and it is so poignant when we know they have to leave but we make their last days happy too.

Bless him.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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Wow, reading your post is exactly what happened to us with our girl Misha, just yesterday.

We are feeling lost and alone today without her. She even had cheeseburgers for lunch before the end, and we spent the last couple hours with her. I was the last person she saw as she closed her eyes for the final time. I'm hurting so much right now, it all happened so quickly. From playing in the yard to being gone forever in just a few weeks. Damn you cancer.

Seriously, your post is like I wrote it. I get it, and am running through all the feelings hardcore right now.
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Thanks guys, it's only been a few weeks and the hurt is still there aND will be for some time to come. The shock and disbelief has subsided and I w am working on moving forward. My biggest struggle right now is sleep, I can't sleep. I was so used to him laying against me at night. So many things to adapt to.
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I know how you feel Remi. I can't sleep without my boy beside me either. I think I'm going nuts but I swear I just felt him scratching beside me.
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