Yesterday I lost my best friend to a cancerous tumor in his spine. Lucky was my 10th birthday present and I just turned 22 last October. He was my first dog I ever had. The cancer over took his spinal cord in a matter of 2 days and he lost function of his back legs. He continued to try and walk and show he was ok, but he was in considerable pain even with all the medication he was on. I know it was his time to go, but no matter how prepared you think you are, it's never enough.
I have so many good memories of us together and we will always be best friends.
Since I'm new to pet loss, what are some suggestions on grieving and how to get through this? It has been a rough few days…
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I don't know what words can make it easier. I lost my little cat to a road accident just after christmas and am devastated. I cry so much and miss him, I loved him and miss all his little ways. It hurts like hell, I'm so sorry for your loss and people tell me it gets easier in time, I so hope this is true xx
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Feeling Lucky,

I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved Lucky. It's so terribly hard to say goodbye to them, even though you know they're in a better place and no longer suffering. My dog was also named Lucky and he passed away in July. He was my very first dog, too. I wish I had some amazing advice for you or words to make things easier, but the grieving process takes time and it's different for every person. It's been almost seven months since my dog passed away, and I still cry almost everyday. It's just really, really hard and there's nothing that can change that. They become part of you and it's hard to accept that they're gone and never coming back, at least it is for me. I still can't believe my dog is gone. I wish more than anything in this world, he was still here with me. For the first couple weeks, after Lucky passed away, I could barely bring myself to even get off the couch. I read articles on the Internet and downloaded some eBooks about losing pets. I also read a bunch of stuff about animals in the afterlife, which seemed to help, in some small way. I also wrote a letter to him, explaining how much he meant to me, which also helped. About a month after he passed away, I started working on a scrapbook of his life. It helped me remember all the wonderful moments we had together. I'm still not finished with it yet because I still can't bring myself to look at the pictures of his last day. About five months after he passed away, I finally got up enough courage to take some of his tennis balls and unchewed toys (not his favorite toys) to the local animal shelter. I wanted to honor his memory by giving some of his beloved toys to the shelter dogs. Even though it hurt like hell, and I cried the entire way home, it made me feel like I did something good for him. I do want to tell you to look for the "signs"; he will let you know that he's okay and that he is always there with you.....

Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. If you want someone to talk with, please know I'm here for you.

Blessing & (((Hugs))),
Kristin - Lucky's Mom
In my heart forever, shining face.

My wonderful, beautiful Lucky: 1-27-1999 to 7-18-2014
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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet boy Lucky. Everyone here understands heartbreak, we have all lost a soulmate and are here to help each other through the grief. This forum has been a wonderful help to me, and I hope it will ease your pain also. 

I lost my cat Mucha almost 2 months ago to a similar situation. We believe it started with a herniated disc in his back that damaged his spinal cord - over the course of 5 days he went from limping to fully paralyzed from the waist down. On day 7 he was having trouble breathing as the paralysis ascended, and that was the day I said goodbye, it was the worst day of my life. It was the only thing I could do for him, and I know it was the right choice but it broke my heart. 

It is terrible to lose a pet so suddenly, how quickly they can go from happy and healthy to being in so much pain. I still cry for my boy almost every day, but things have gotten better. I got my favorite picture of him framed and hung on the wall where I can look at him every day, and got lots of other pictures printed and put in an album. I also bought a necklace that I never take off, to remind me of the joy he brought me always. Some people write journals about their memories with their pet, or write letters to them - here on the forum or privately. I hope you find something that will help your heart to heal, the most important thing is to take your time, and let yourself grieve, there is no right or wrong timeline. Sending you love and wishes for peace and healing.

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