It has been 6 days since I lost Mackenzie to Cancer...and it is also my 32 birthday.

My only birthday wish was for one more birthday with Mackenzie...

The only thing I asked God for was to let her be there for one more birthday more morning for her to wake up next to me, one more morning with her head on my pillow. There was an empty pillow this am & and an empty spot in my heart.

I am still wondering why God answers some prayers & not others. This is the WORST & most painful birthday of my life. I am not a selfish person, I didnt want gifts or cards, cakes or flowers, just one more day with my dog. I have tried my whole life to was the hardest thing ever for me to let her go...I just wish I knew why God wouldn't let her stay.

I just want this day to be over & the pain & hurt of missing her would lesson.

My ONLY birthday wish this year is this: Mackenzie...know that Mom loved you more than you will ever heart ACHES everyday for you...not a moment goes by that I don't think of you. I wish that you are warm & happy...with lots of Beggin Strips AND that you are waiting...I will come for you one day my love. Until then...know how much I MISS YOU!

Missing Mackenzie
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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Mackenzie....she looks like such a sweet girl.  I know and understand the pain and hurt you are feeling right now.  Although it is so hard to do, we have to try and focus on the happy memories we made together, the love we shared with one another, and that they are watching over us even as they are running, swimming, and playing free of pain.  It will be 2 months on Sunday that I said goodbye to my Sadey....I don't think the reality of her not ever coming back has really sunk in yet.  I still have many days that I am not doing well.....
I am so sorry your little girl can't be by your side physically on your birthday but know that she is with you today and every day ahead.....
Sending you a BIG hug today.....
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Dear Gen,
I share a birthday with you and I just want to tell you how sorry I am that your special day was so sad and painful this year without your sweet Mackenzie.  I understand how badly you wanted just one more day with her.  I certainly don't have any answers for you.  Pain, difficulty, and trials seem to be an inevitable part of this life but I do believe it is temporary.   I also believe with all my heart that your other birthday wish has already come true.....that Mackenzie knows her Mom loved her so very much.  

I hope you and JudyD feel some peace and comfort soon.  Big hugs to both of you.
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