So our cat Lucky had a very severe episode of vertigo on Sept 17th we brought her to the ER & her own vet where they both said it’s the same thing. She was unable to walk for a few days, couldn’t eat or go to the bathroom on her own without help from us. Now almost 10 days later she is up (still on meds) & about but I notice that she sleeps a bit more than usual & she still can’t jump. What I want to know is, is she going to make it through this? Is she still sick? Will she be able to jump again? I am beyond worried sick & would love some insight to help me just have hope! Thank you!
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LuckyGirl82, What exactly did the ER vet and your own vet tell you with regard to Lucky’s prognosis? It’s very hard to say but I think the vet would be expecting to have her in for a re-check. If not, I would suggest making a follow-up appointment and would also say to make a list of questions you’d like to have answered when you’re with the vet. I’m sorry your beloved cat is ill. Hugs to you!
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