When I first lost my Casper I was inconsolable, and a friend gave me a little scrap of paper which contained the following poem. It was a great source of comfort for me and I hope that, sharing it, it may bring you some comfort too.

'Now that I am gone
It will never be goodbye,
For I have left my heart with you,
So don't you ever cry.
The love that's deep within me,
Shall reach you from the stars,
You'll feel it from the heavens,
And it will heal the scars.'

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thank u polly that was a beautiful tear jerker...xoxo

Those people who dislike cats, will be mice in their next life.......
Remy...entered my life 4th April 2010......left for the Bridge 9th August 2010.
loved, missed and cherished.
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Thats lovely Polly, thank you for sharing:)

Tricia x

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Thankyou Polly...............it is beautiful, very emotional
Take care Niki
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Thank you, Polly.  I needed that, too.  Going to keep a copy of it!  God Bless.

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Oh ! Thank you so much. I am going to write it down and read it often
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