I have been thinking about Winston all day today.  I have eased my mind a few days back that I did the right thing.  As I read some of your posts in here, and your pets problems, and symptoms I have realized My Winston was more serious than I thought. I was doubting myself if I did the right thing in the days following his passing. Riddled with Guilt!!! Now my train of thought is "did I maybe wait too long?" Was he suffering and I didn't see it, and for how long? I feel so Stupid. I am still all mixed up. As I say after reading some of your posts about your dogs ilnesses....I am comforted that i did the right thing.  R.I.P MY BABY BOY.. I hope mommy didn't make you suffer too long. LOVE and MISS you FOREVER XOXOXOXO P.S. Now I feel guilty for being so damn STUPID
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You are not stupid. You did the right thing. I had to put my pup down yesterday, quite suddenly so I understand how u feel. Right now, I feel like I may have made the decision to put her to sleep too quickly. Should I have tried the surgery to save her despite the odds of her survival being greatly stacked against her? I completely understand the guilt you feel and I hope we both find comfort sooner rather than later. I hope Winston and Cupcake are at the bridge, enjoying eachother' company with endless food and green grass to play about. Sending you a big hug'

-Sierre B.
With Love,

Sierre B. 
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 I wish the chat worked better. Anyway Susan, deciding to use the green dream, is about the most horrible decision I have ever had to make. And I've had to do it TWICE! But both my dogs were rescues, and they were both declining fast when I made the call (after exhausting all the options that made sense). I kept hoping dog would get better, and trying different meds, and therapies.

In the end my two loves were just worn out. Old dogs are a sign that we did a good job taking care of them. 

God I wish there was something I could do to help everyone just feel better. 


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I think no matter what we would still question ourselves .. did I wait to long? did I put him to sleep too soon?why didn't I notice sooner he was ill? You're far from stupid and I'm sure Winston loves and thanks you've for all you did for him. Be kind to yourself and try to remember the good times you had and not the end. Sending hugs
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