May each of your hearts be a little lighter with the grief that you carry at this moment.
May each of you who are facing a "first" marker know that you will always have this place and the angels here to share your pain with.
May each of you know that when you enter here you know that you are entering a place that is filled with love and understanding and with those who will carry you when your hearts are just too heavy to carry yourselves.
and finally may each of you find a smile in remembering the lives you have shared on this side with your babies who have made the journey to the bridge.
We are all simply blessed to have known such love as the love we share forever and always with our babies.
Wishes for a New Year filled with peace and healing
Debbie Princess, Kaizer & Maddie's mom
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God bless you!

Thank you for your kindness.
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Amen!  thank you you Debbie.  Peace and comfort to you and your family in the coming New Year.

God Bless,

Tricia, Burton&Ozzie's Mom

"Good night sweet prince:And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"
William Shakespere's Hamlet
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