Hi Winston.  Today is a very sunny day.  I wish we could be out for our little walk.  But you couldn't walk that far, and you were very slow.  I hope I didnt hurt you by walking, but I walked very slow right beside you.  I thought a little excersize would be good for you.  But u seemed to do ok.  I miss you Baby, I'm having a pretty bad day, A lot has to do with you, but other things have happened.  I wish you were here with me.  I miss your company terribly.  I am all alone now. I LOVE you my BABY and i will write to you later.  Love mommy XOXOXO
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Hi Winstonsmom, what a beautiful message to your lovely boy.  We`ve had a beautiful day here in England, and my husband and myself decided to go out for a walk, but its just not the same without our Jim.  Like Winston, he had also slowed down over his last few months, so we also slowed down to keep pace with him. 
 I`m so sorry you are having a bad day,  keep strong - I`m sure Winston is looking down trying his best to help you through these awful days.

           Hugs, Jackie.
J Taylor
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You are not alone-----we are all here for you and we too are looking for relief from this bone aching hurt.  I talked to Molly all day long for 14 years and now what?  YES, I am talking to myself and doing silly little things too that make no sense.

Molly did NOT like my closet door closed, who knows why, sometimes her treasurers were in there but most often not.  They are heavy sliding doors with mirrors on them, but she could open them AND I CAN'T CLOSE THEM NOW.

Silly things, but there you have it.  We all miss our babies so much.  I just thank Ginny every day for starting this wonderful place for us to come to express ourselves in whatever manner helps knowing there will be no judgment from anyone.  Just comfort and understanding.

Take care.  You are not alone.
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Thinking of you tonight.

I wish I could ease the pain.

Understanding offers little solace in the face of your enormous grief... but you are not alone.

Sending peace, comfort and many hugs to you tonight... and a happy memory of your beloved Winston.

All my love... Casey's mommy

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My condolences on the loss of your beloved Winston. I had tears in my eyes reading your post. It seems like you were very good to him, walking slowly beside him. Dogs do love their walks so even if he couldn't walk too fast he would enjoy it. I hope that you will be alright. Prayers to you.
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