Winston   I had a thought a few minutes ago which made me cry.  I realized we grew old TOGETHER.  i WAS 49 years old when I got you.  I was 61 when you passed.  Miss you so much baby.  Mommy XOXO
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I had the same happen to me on my first birthday without Jamie. I can understand the feeling, they become so entwined in our life and heart that their absence is crushing.

Hugs to you.

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Yes, Winstonsmom, it's amazing how lucky we are to have shared such a huge part of our lives with our special little friends. They have been through so much with us and were always there by our side with devoted and unconditional love. How empty and sad our lives would have been without them, they truly are the best and most wonderful friends we could wish for. Why can't they grow even older with us?! (Big unsmiling teary icon...) Sending you hugs my friend. Xxxxxx
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