Our sweet Winnie is a SC Wheaten Terrier mix that is 19 years old.  She has bone cancer in one of her front legs.  We have been keeping her comfortable with pain meds for a little while now, but I think it is time to let her go.  I'm going back and forth on it, which is so hard.  She is still eating, but only canned food.  She won't eat kibble any more and she only gets up to switch beds or go potty.  I've been carrying her out to potty most of the time.  It is difficult for her to get around because she doesn't want to put weight on that one leg, but the rest of her body is not strong enough to compensate.  A few weeks ago I was telling myself that if she won't eat, that's how I will know it is time, but here she is still eating. 

It pains me to watch her try to walk around because I know she is uncomfortable.  The rest of the time she just sleeps.  I wish she could just tell me if she is ready.  :(

Anyone else have guidelines that they set to know it was the right time?  Trying to make it more of an objective decision, I guess.
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I'm sorry to hear about Winnie. Your vet should be able to help you, but in the end we're the ones who have to make the hard choice. This site has some good information, attaching a link.

In my case, when my little girl stopped wanting her treats, I knew it was time.
Kind thoughts go out to you.

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