I am so sorry for the pain all of you are experiencing due to the loss of a beloved furbaby.  The grieving process is such a difficult thing to go through, and I sympathize with each and every one of you.  Right now, it's so hard to think that the pain will ever go away - rest assured, though, that one day there will be more smiles than tears when you think of your precious pet.

My very special boy, Windsor, around 15, passed away during the night last night.  He was a Chow/Pit mix and an independent rescue (With the help of friends, we rescued him from the woods and a collar through his neck muscle in 1996).  He started vomiting on Sunday afternoon.  The only thing he wanted then was water, that came up too.  I tried to get him up earlier in the evening to go outside to see if he might eliminate - nothing.  Little by little he was slipping away.  We had a vet appt. today and I knew it was going to be euthanization.  Thankfully that decision was taken from me and he died at home in familiar surroundings.  I took him to his vet, Dr. Gradous, to be buried on his farm.  I will tell you more about Windsor in the days to come, and also post a picture of him when I feel up to it.

I had to make the difficult decision to have my Min Pin, Chatter, euthanized on the last day of 2003 and it nearly put me under, so I do know the guilt and incredible sadness that come with having to make "the decision."

Here is a link to an interactive Rainbow Bridge Poem - I hope it brings comfort:


Hugs to each of you -


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I am so sorry to hear that you lost Windsor. No one truly understands the pain we go thru except others who have experienced it before. I can imagine that Jasmine met Windsor at The Bridge gate and will show him around. She has been there just 3 short months, but she will help.

Know that you are not alone and that my prayers are for you today, Kathy. When you can come back and tell us of your beloved Windsor.


Cheryl and Angel Jasmine
Cheryl and Angel Jasmine
Jasmine was loved
Jasmine was given ProIn
Jasmine is now gone
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