Not only is my sam gone,but I lost my 12 year old shih-tzu,
the only thing that keeps me going,is that I no sam and tazzy are together now,they were best buddies...both my boys are gone now..sam was only 4 yrs old,but he took care of tazzy,he always watched out for mind cant take much more of this.. :(
(Donna)Sam's Mom <3
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Dear Donna,
I am so very sorry.
I, too, have had way too many losses in a short period of time.
It is horrible and each greif exacerbates all of the past griefs so everything becomes one very large grief.
It is very difficult to deal with all of this.
Please come here and write.
I sought out a psychiatrist who does grief counselling as I knew I was going to need meds to help me sleep and to help with the panic that accompanies grief.
Most of us on this site have sought out some form of counselling.
Do whatever makes you feel a bit better even for just a moment as I know that nothing will make you feel better right now.
When we lose someone we love we don't stop loving them -
Please know this.
We are all here for you.
We care.
I care.
You are in My Thoughts.
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I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss of tazzy as well, that is so hard for you.  Yes you can be sure Sam is caring for Tazzy up at Rainbowsbridge, and showing him around.  But we understand your pain here, all of us do, and I pray you find some comfort in time.

Thinking of you. 

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Dear Donna,

I am so sorry for your loss of both Tazzy and Sam.  It is really hard to lose our babies and especially when we lose them young.  I hope you can find peace during this difficult time.

--Sweetie's Mom
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So sorry for the loss of your beloved Sam and Tazzy.

Blessings to you, Darlene - Skipper May 10,1991/ Dec. 10,2008
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