I miss my babies. Sitting here on the edge of my bed crying so hard missing my keeten, my princess monkey business, and my Booster Meow. I can't believe they are gone. This August 17 will be 3 years since I last held my Wiley, my best friend for 15 years. Sevyn, my beautiful monkey... its 4 and a half months. My sweet Abbeyboo is a mere 6 weeks and it feels like years but the pain and heartache over all of them still feels like an hour ago. I miss them so much. My life is so different here without them. Sometimes I just stand and stare at their pictures and the tiny tin urns containing their ashes and its so surreal.
This is all I have of my babies.
Sometimes I hug the tins and cry, imagining they are in my arms and the little things they would do to show me they love me... how theyd hug my shoulder, or bury their sweet faces into my neck, or rub their little noses against my cheek... all the while purring.
God how I miss that.
Sometimes I sit here on nights like tonight remembering happy times and good memories... then the tears fall because I will not make or have new ones with them now.
My heart feels like its been through war...

My beautiful babies, please know that I still love you just as much and just as strong and nothing will ever change that. I see you everywhere, so many memories and laughs that you gave me in our little house. I look for signs you are here and pray to see you in my dreams.
My heart breaks as I long to hold you and play like we did.
One day we will be together again... until that day, please know how much I love you.
It hurts so much deep within my soul and I would give anything to have you here with your brothers and sisters and me.
I wonder if you can hear me when I call your names or even when I yell, "TREATS!" remember how you'd all come running... Sometimes I catch myself looking for you.
I love you all so much.

Wiley, my keeten, there is a full moon tonight. I like to think wherever Heaven is, you are close enough to see the moon I see, as I look at it like we always did out this window... my beautiful boy.
Sevyn, my monkey princess, I still hear your voice when you would drag that blue feather stick around, meowing as you brought it too me like you caught the biggest mouse. I miss looking down and seeing you at my feet waiting to play.
Abbeyboo, my baby girl, this room is so empty without you. I miss seeing you in that big climber and hearing your "yes, mom?" trill when I called your name and youd jump up on the bed. I hope you can still hear me when I sing your song...
"It had to be Boo... I wandered around and finally found somebody who..."

Life will never be the same without you and I will never stop loving all of you.
My babies. ...my keeten, my princess monkey business, and my Booster Meow...
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I am truly sorry for your loss of your beloved pets - Wiley, Sevyn, Abbeyboo, here in this forum, we have all suffered the excruciating pain of losing a beloved pet.  There are no words to describe this awful, relentless pain.  The longing of "just petting and stroking them" hurts much.  But, you found this forum, here, we will embrace you and never ever judge you, because we all understand your loss.  We are here to listen.  Again, I am very sorry for all of your losses.  Hugs

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Hugs to you🤗❤️ So sorry for your kitties. Sending light and ❤️Your way.
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Thank Thank you both.. time goes by so fast but the heart heals so slowly.

Im sorry for your losses, also. This site is such a blessing.. nowhere but here do people understand. Especially after some time has gone by and your immediate world thinks you need to let it go or get over it.

God bless you both
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