My keeten. ..today is 3 years that you went on to Rainbow Bridge. I can't believe it..
I miss you so much, my Wiley. I woke up today just like that day.. i never imagined it would be our last day together. Today I cant believe we have been apart 3 years. I still love you more than life itself. My best friend, my keeten lover sweet.
I am now sitting here writing this with your brothers and sisters around me.. i know they miss you as well. I am always telling stories, especially to Alex and Riley, who never had the chance to meet you.
My only comfort is knowing that we will be together again one day... and that you are with Sammy, Sevyn, and Abbeyboo.. you are all whole again.
I thank you for coming into my dream the other night. It was so good to have you on my lap and petting your beautiful fur, my Wiley. I could hear you purring and it was so wonderful to be with you again. I am always so happy when I get to do that, please visit more often.. my heart breaks everyday missing you, just as it did this day, 3 years ago. Its so surreal, my beautiful boy. 15 incredible years I am so grateful for..
My best friend, my soul... always and forever.
I ask God all the time to hug you and tell you I love you and miss you. Miss your kitten hugs. Riley has her own version... its nice. She has grown so much, Wiley, i wish you could have know her.. she is so much like you.
Although I see things in her and Alex and sometimes I can hear your happy trill.. I can't help but believe you visit.

Well, my best friend. .. I just wanted to tell you I am thinking about you today and everyday and I still love you with all my heart and miss you with all of my being. Id give anything to have you here with me.
Im sorry I dont write as often... I talk to you all the time I hope you can hear me...
Please tell Sammy, Sevyn, and Abbeyboo I love and miss them and we will run and play and snuggle again one day...
My heart breaks without you.

I love you, my keeten lover sweet.
My Wiley

"...you're my sunshine and I want you to know that my feelings are true.. I really love you... oh, you're my Best Friend."

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Wiley hears you. May your heart fill with the *warm fuzzies * on this 3yr 🐾angelversary🐾,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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"Angelversary".. thank you, Tankie. What a beautiful dog. So sorry for the loss of your baby also
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I can't beleive how fast three years goes by, i remember posting on your threads way back in the day about your Wiley....I am so glad you had a visit/dream the other night, that must have put a smile on your face.

I am so glad you tt your Wiley alot and yes Wiley does hear you, every word!!! 

sending warm hugs your way on this 3 year anniversary....


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Thank you so much for remembering. .. its still so hard. ((Hugs))
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Dear Stacie,
3 roses in honour of each year since your beautiful Wiley had to leave. I know these anniversaries are so, so difficult and painful Stacie. I do think Wiley knows how much you love and miss him and I'm quite sure he hears everything you say. He is your shining star now, watching over his beloved mom always. 🌟
I'm so happy Wiley came to visit you in your dream. Perhaps he knew that you would need to see him with his 3 year anniversary approaching.
I love that you quoted "Best Friend". It was also my song with Bailey as you may remember. I like to think that Bailey has met your sweet Wiley ~ along with Sammy, Sevyn and Abbeyboo!
Take Care my friend. Thinking of you and sending hugs,
MJ 🤗❤️
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Thank you, MJ.. yes i remember you sang that to Bailey xoxo i appreciate the roses and star...
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Hello again Stacie, I want you to know that healing thoughts are being sent your way on this sad anniversary. I agree with Lynn Camunki and MJ: Wiley hears you call his name Stacie and he knows he is remembered with love and missed so very much. Warm regards,
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I'm sorry for your loss of Wiley.  Time passes, but our heart still remembers "that day".  My sweet male doggie, Sol said good bye, one year, one month and two days.
And, it has been tough. 

I am sure that Wiley hears and knows how much you love him.  (Hugs)))
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Thank you both so much for your words.. i am so grateful for all of you on this site and that you remember my keeten. .. (((hugs))) im so sorry you feel this sadness also xo
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How time does 'rush by'...three years - I remember so vividly your messages for your sweet "keteen" Wiley.  It seems like just yesterday.   Lynn, Camunki and MJ are so right - Wiley has never left your side...He hears your voice, hears his name and is always there for his special mom.  He will be nearby keeping an eye on you.  May your dreams be filled with soft visits from Wiley, Abbeyboo, Sammy and Seven...may your heart be warmed by their love, and may your soul be carried and protected by your special boy and best friend Wiley.  Take care.
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(((Hugs))) thank you.. I just woke up to this xoxo I miss my keeten, Sammy, Sevyn, and Abbeyboo :_(
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