Ive lost many pets in my life but feels harder this time. Its only been one day since we had to make the decision to my 14yr kitty patches to sleep. We noticed some changes in eating and social habits the past months. But things turned worse couple weeks ago when she wouldnt eat and lost lots of weight. It was scary because we couldnt see why. So we made an appointment for patches, we took her yesterday and gave us the devestating news that it was cancer in her belly and intestines and it was to far along. I know we made the right decision but i just miss her so much and so hard for her not being part of my daily routine. Meowing out the window when we get home, running down the stairs when we open the door, sleeping in her favorite spot or cuddling when its time for bed. Gone to soon. Sleep in peace my sweet kitty.
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I’m so sorry for your loss of Patches. She lived a long life and I’m sure that was because of all the love and care you showed her. I understand your sorrow, as I lost my boy Zeus 15 days ago and I am still struggling every day. He was my best friend and I miss all they little things like cooking dinner and he would do the same looking for scraps, which I would always give him, playtime and snuggle time at night.... so many things every day that I miss.
All I can say is that this forum is so wonderful , so many people going through the same emotions and talking with you and offering comfort , it has helped me a lot. We just have to go through it and wait for the day it wont hurt so much.
Condolences, Michelle { momtozeus}
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Dear Darlene, 

I am very sorry as well and saddened to learn of your loss of your beloved "Patches." She was absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing those wonderful images of her with us. It is interesting how we begin to feel we actually knew others pets, when we can read about their stories and can see images of them here. It is a good way to memorialize them. : )

I think it helps to always remember that an average cats natural lifespan is only 2 to 5 years in the wild (or on the streets.) We humans quite often, automatically double, triple and can even quadruple the lifespan of a cat, by adopting one. By providing them with regular food and fresh water, shelter from the weather and natural predators), the occasional trip to the Vet's, which may include treatment and/or medication(s) and love, comfort and affection. Which is important for their overall state of well-being. Cat's are not biologically designed or engineered to live as long as they do in our care. Their bodies begin to break down naturally.

The truth is your "Patches" lifespan, by what you provided her with, was TRIPLED at the minium. : )  How amazing is that?! Although I know having her in your life for "forever" would not be long enough.

Patches was most likely your "Spirit Animal." That is why you had such a strong connection / bond with her and the loss of her is possibly even deeper than other losses. Our connections with our animals is truly remarkable. It is almost on a psychic / mystical level. I do believe that God is involved in each of our individual fates, and our paths ARE crossed with our beloved's, by design. Mine certainly was.

I had to travel over 850 miles to the high desert country of New Mexico, to the dusty streets of a barrio town called "Bernalillo" in order for my path to cross with my boy "Marmalade" (an orange & white tabby cat.) He saved my life countless times thereafter. He taught me how to feel blessed & content each day. How paradise is only a state of mind. How to truly "live in the moment." He also brought me back to faith, after I had been an atheist or agnostic for over 5 decades. How is that possible? For a little animal (who can not speak to us) to have such a profound and positive impact on a human life? 

He never judged me, insulted me, betrayed me, was disloyal to me, gossiped about me, plotted behind my back or hurt me. He loved me unconditionally. He forgave me completely for all my faults and mistakes. His love was a pure love. We are very blessed to have experienced such love during our lifetimes.

I offer you my sincerest condolences & my kindest regards,

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They say grieving the loss of an animal is harder because the lack of support or the embarrasment of grieving a pet.She wasnt just a pet or a cat but my fur baby. It was just so unexpected but i know we gave her the best days of her life. Im glad i found rainbows bridge it helps the grieving process with people who understand even tho i still expect her to come around the corner. Ive had her cremated so i cant wait to have her home again. I too am sorry for your loss. They will be waiting for us at the door in heaven.
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I am so sorry for your loss. My heart hurts with yours. I lost my sweet Hammy 4 days ago.
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I lost my precious Christopher of 16 years in a similar way. He didn't want to eat much. We took him to the emergency vet who did a thorough exam and she thought he was just dehydrated. He was in his vets hospital for a day getting fluids. Then a week later he stopped eating and drinking. He was having a hard time breathing. We took him back to the vet for our sad news. He had a mass in his stomach. She said treatment would only give him weeks. So we made the horrible decision to put him out of his suffering. That day was one of the hardest in my life. We lost him back in December and it still hurts. We miss him so much.

So I truly understand your pain. I am so sorry for your loss of your precious fur baby. I know it is heartbreaking 💔
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