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Not discouraging at all Jcat. There is no time limit on grief as I keep getting told. I think I am going to be exactly the same. And if I am then I will accept it, as it just shows how much we deeply loved our fur babys xxx
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3 weeks try 2 years it never gets easier you just learn to cope better.
Take care
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If I didn't have a strong meditative practice to draw on, I would be spiraling down into a dark despair and afraid it would be a long road to recovery. It's like the pain is so great that it's frightening, and the more painful it is, the more frightening it is, the more painful it is - like a vicious cycle, it keeps getting worse. I believe that our pets hold things for us, help us to feel whole in ways that people usually just can't or don't. Losing them is like losing part of our foundation that we didn't realize we had. Now suddenly the building is crumbling.

Joe Dispenza and The Mind Illuminated are my tools. Waiting for the normal course of grieving might take a very long time. I know someone who  took 10 years to recover enough to get another dog.
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