We lost our little 10 year old yorkie girl on Tuesday.  From cancer.  We found out several months ago she had an enlarged liver and many tests later, we were told it was benign nodular hyperplasia.  We watched her diet, gave her meds and thought we had escaped a death sentence.  Then Friday, she vomited twice and stopped eating.  We brought her to the vet Saturday and US found a massive liver mass extending into her abdomen.  We brought her home on doggie hospice (meds to keep her comfortable) but she was too miserable and we finally were able to let her go.  This is the 5th dog we've lost and the 3rd dog from cancer.  The other two had heart disease.  I, myself, work in oncology.  I understand the transformation from a normal cell to a malignant cell.  I understand that there are risk factors for some cancers that can be changed and sometimes we just don't know why a normal cell mutates into cancer.  I understand all the logic and science of it.  But, I don't understand why our beloved pets have to have a human disease that they cannot make a decision about.  I can't understand why innocent little animals, who are so loved, have to suffer like this.  We fed her good food and did "all the right stuff", and in the end it's just a crap shoot.  She was likely feeling poorly for quite some time, but managed not to let us know.  There were little things, like she got tired more quickly on walks.  But she enjoyed life, ate and barked at anything that moved (or didn't).  The house is so quiet without her, despite our other two dogs who seem to be feeling her loss also.  We brought home her ashes today and it was nearly like losing her all over again to hold a little cardboard box of what had once been my best friend.  My heart is full of pain.
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I am so sorry about your little Yorkie girl, who passed from cancer.
My girl got cancer too; Hemangiosarcoma. She lived such a healthy fit life and was unbelievable for her age (almost 15) Like a dog of 4 or 5. But Hemangiosarcoma came, and took her.

Why do dogs get cancer? It's not a human disease. Even trees get cancer. In their case, it doesn't usually threaten their existence as the tough cell walls block it from metastasising. Even fish get it....most creatures do.

It is a horrible disease. Your girl, bless her Soul is now alright. Though she isn't on Earth any more, She is in another place, and still loves you very much. Cancer does not sicken the Soul.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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My deepest condolences on the loss of your little girl. My Sampson passed from this horrid disease also. The little cardboard box is a keepsake for you of a wonderful life but her spirit is soaring now freed from pain and suffering and she will always be alive in your heart. Peace,
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Thank you all for your kind words.  Maggie May is on the right, she is my Yorkie that just passed, her big brother Max is on the left.  He left us 6 years ago.  She was inconsolable when he died.  She stayed at the door for days waiting for him to walk back in.  I know everyone on this forum loves or loved their pets and thought they were special.  Maggie was also very special.  She was a very gentle girl and turned herself into a "C" when I came home because she was so joyful.  Then she'd roll over for me to pet her belly.  She didn't have a mean bone in her body.  She apparently was a noisy girl, although I didn't think so at the time.  She barked for dinner and noises, snored terribly, and made "huffy" happy noises.  The house is so quiet without her despite my two other dogs, Charlie a yorkie and Sadie a pittie mix.  Charlie is quiet and I think is looking for her at times, but I'm not sure Sadie really misses her.   It's been 5 days and my anger is lessening, but my sadness is increasing.  Logically I know we did the right thing for her, but I really wish she was still with us.  
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I am so so sorry for the loss of your Maggie May.  She and Max are absolutely beautiful...
Logic and emotion are at odds with one another - What we know is 'right' - places a heavy burden upon our hearts.  We make a fateful decision to allow our special one to move to their new adventure with dignity and yet it is for us an unbearable loss leaving our hearts and homes empty and silent...We just lost our girl too to cancer - and it was unexpected, quick, and angering...How can dogs have cancer??? is a question that echoes throughout my mind...
Your sweet girl and her big brother will forever be with you...they will hear your voice, feel the love and follow you throughout the day still.  Special companions come into our lives, and physically never stay long enough, but stay forever with us in spirit and soul as bonds forged can not be lost or broken.  May each day you have even a fleeting moment of warmth and calm within your heart as you feel your Maggie May touch...and know is she for always yours.  Take care. 
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