It has been 4 years since my beloved Miko left me.  Why do I still cry every time I think and talk about him?

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Simply because you loved Miko. Your crying is because you still cherish those fond memories of Miko. So cry when you think about Miko, it's ok. 

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It's ok to cry because of your love for Miko, what a wonderful love it is.

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Meeks you loved your Miko dearly so ofcourse you would still be upset. It simple shows you enduring love and devotion. What a special pet Miko must have been and what a wonderful and dedicated owner you must have been.

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1/15/10 marked 4 yrs. since my sweet boy, Rebel was killed.  I cried ... there is not a day goes by that I don't think about and miss him.  The love and bond we share with our furkids never goes away ... we can't just switch off those emotions.  They are a living, breathing, feeling part of us.  Their love so unconditional .... they never really leave us ... their Earthly bodies are gone but their soul is forever young at RB...watching over us and waiting for the day of our joyful reunions.  It's ok to cry .... don't let anyone tell you any different.  Feel, mourn, remember ... I look at pics of my boy and cry for the years I missed out ... he was only 4 when he was killed.   We still have his parents and brother and another German Shepherd, Bruno but I miss Rebel with my entire being.  It changes us .... but we wouldn't have wanted to miss out on all those loving times and memories, now, would we?  no...
hugs and prayers ... you are not alone ... we all understand
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I agree w/ these reponses so much. I lost Ginger in '05 and Chloe this last Christmas eve.I remember them every day and shed tears. Our furbabies made us better people,stronger. Soul mates, if you will. They will ALWAYS be a part of us and we shall never forget the precious time we DID have w/ them. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one of you.

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