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I'd like to reiterate for all those wanting, hoping, wishing and praying for "signs" from their lost beloveds, from what I have read, researched and experienced firsthand, it isn't always advantageous to ask to receive a "sign." Or to plead for one. It is evidently best to go completely ZEN on them happening. But be observant. Again, they can be very, very subtle.

Just relax, be very humble, grateful & patient. With no expectations. The calmer I am, the more peaceful I am, the more I receive "signs" and am regularly visited. That is just the way it is. 

I just had a sign the other day that completely shocked me. The odds of it happening were 1 million to one. It was dumbfounding. And it was reassuring that there IS something more.

Kind regards,
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We always see black and white color butterfly in our backyard which we've never seen before. My mother had a dream about my cat being a black and white butterfly biting her hair in the dream. My mother has seen twice I saw one today it went near my shoulder then flew away. I am not sure if that's a sign. My cat's color is black and white
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We keep getting butterflies, we do have a tree that attracts them, but one particular butterfly keeps appearing and just flying around and around, and a couple of days ago I spotted it on my patio ledge right where ollie use to sit or lie. This has never happened before, or at least we've never noticed. So I would like to believe it was a sign from my Ollie. It did make me smile just for a few seconds at least xx
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Hello Claire. I'm so sorry about your furry friend Ollie. You obviously loved him very much. I wish I could tell you it will "get better"..... But all I can really promise you is, it will get "different". I think you will always miss Ollie, but in time, you will be able to talk about all the cool things about him, that you loved so much, without breaking down over it. 
I think love is only as great as it is, because loss is so darn tough....
Animal lover and photographer
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