I had to put down my oldest today. Never done before, I would welcome death for myself right now. Any help?
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Sorry for your loss.

October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
My best friend, my companion, my love


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I'm very sorry to hear about your loss
maybe talking about it may help, i found it very therapeutic talking to others about my feeling after I had to put my dog down last sunday
wishing you the best <3
"Sometimes when someone or something you love dies, you just have to be happy they ever even existed" -Mara Wilson 

love you forever and always
R.I.P. Taz
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I'm so sorry.  I don't know if it is normal or not but I too was not wanting death but I certainly didn't care if I did die after losing Eddie.  That was March 9th and I don't feel like that anymore so hang in's very hard getting used to this "new normal".  Hugs.
Sue E
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reading posts helped me a lot. Also try to focus on the happy place your dog is at right now, it could be heaven or Rainbow Bridge or whatever you believe in, but know in your heart that someday you will be reunited no matter how long it takes and in yhe meantime your dog is safe, well taken care of and pain free. Sorry for your loss.
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huntersmom, i'm so sorry to read of the loss of your oldest loved one.  at first when my service dog roxie passed suddenly the evening after this Christmas all I could think of was "why" - why didn't I notice she was sick, why hadn't she shown she was sick, why did I wait, why didn't I wait.  in the end it came to me that all I was supposed to do was make sure roxie wasn't in pain or suffering and the "whys" didn't matter except to drive me crazy in my grief.  what I have been concentrating on (or let's say i'm making an attempt to) is remembering the love shared and how much that dear girl made sure my life had a better quality to each day than the one before.  I still cry when missing her just gets too much for my heart but I am healing slowly and the crutches remain in the closet where they were placed after roxie taught me to depend upon her fully and walk with just her at my side.  I might walk slower than with my girl at my side but i'm still doing it "her way" and on my own two feet.  remember the love you have still with your loved companion and that bond will see you through this difficult time.  we're here for you sweetie.  many many hugs and prayers for you.
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I am sorry for your loss. There is no pain greater I think. Our fur babies are our best friends and our children. My Bob was always there. I miss him so much. There isn't much to do about the pain. Just allow yourself to feel it and give it time. I am trying to focus on all the things about him that I loved. This forum is a great help to me too. Bless you.
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So sorry for your loss, the pain of losing our best friends is excruciating. All I can say is that I found most comfort from this forum - just knowing you are not alone and that there are so many others all going through the same loss.  When we lost our 17 year old dog just before Christmas, I really found it so hard to go on without him, I still have bad days, but I know he`s in a happy place over the Bridge, and that we will be reunited one day. I also started writing a journal, all our memories of Jim, which I still write in daily - I tell him how much we love and miss him.
 Take it a day, or even an hour at a time.  Take care, Jackie.
J Taylor
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Thanks so much to all of you, your replies have helped very much. I have my other fur baby and that helps also.
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So sorry for your loss of your furbaby... it is the hardest thing to go through, no matter how many x it never gets easier.
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Huntersmom   I am so very sorry for your loss.  After My Winston passed, I felt exactly the way you are feeling now.  I was extremely close to a breakdown.. I prayed to my parents (both gone) and I came into this forum.  Both helped me a great deal.  

Your pain is very.  It will take time to adjust yourself.  Only Time will help.  Hang in there.  The grief lessens eventually.  Sue
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I am SO sorry for your loss. Like all of us the pain of losing our babies is heart wrenching and that's why we are all here to listen and comfort each other. I lost my Sweetie April 8th and I'm devastated and lost without him. Sometimes I don't think I can make it through a day. We all go through it and in time feel better and move on. Life will never be the same after losing a beloved pet. I hope you continue to come here and find some comfort. Hugs to you.
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So sorry for your loss!  I’ve had to do the same thing with 13 dogs in my lifetime & every time I felt like I just wanted to die afterwards so what you are feeling is normal.  As others have mentioned I helps to express your feelings.  I lost my last dog 2 months ago and I still cry often when I think about him even though I’ve adopted a wonderful dog at the shelter.  It just takes time for healing to occur.

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the pain of losing our pets is too much, so much, unbearable, I know the feeling, when my pet was being euthanized, i wanted those needles to go into me too!!! i did not takes a long time to grieve and heal and feel ok again. I know forever that i will always think of my pets that passed, i think of them daily, talk to them daily, cry for them daily. I lost of my babies last year and feel double hurt. Please know you are not alone!


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