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My heart hurts so bad today I had my baby put to rest yesterday.my story is so crazy I had to wonderful kitties 2/1/2 years old. On December 17/2019 I lost the oldest brother who was 6 months older than the baby I just lost. Kitty Lee fell sick in august 2019 I found him having difficulty breathing my husband and I took him to the emergency hospital to find out he had CHF he stayed 2days we brought him home and got him on meds by his vet I worried everyday if that was his last one. As time passed he seem to get better with treatment mean while his brother CC became sick he had a blockage in his bowl he went through surgery on Halloween 2019 he to came home feeling better so we thought mean while we still worried Over Lee and his heart failure my other baby CC seems to be doing well he just wasn’t gaining weight very fast but expected so we thought. In December 17th 2019 my Lee through a blood clot became of his heart we lost him 1 week from Christmas so I get through the holidays for only to have my CC fall sick again first the pads on his front pawls because infected for no apparent reason his weight now going back up he is being treated on meds for any and every thing his vet could think of he would get well then sick that has went on for months 6 weeks ago he started having high blood sugar he went on insulin then it was up and down on and off insulin and taking meds right on for what ever was wrong with his pads I got them cleared up and he got a little weight but was getting weaker by the day he was so loving and so sweet no matter how bad his day was he would come to me several times a day and bed down on my chest to rest and love me in the morning he would hope on my chest and pat my face to wake me to say good morning that was everyday he stay by me every step through out the day he was so sweet he pick me to be his mom when he was a baby he was at my friends house I went to visit her and he climbed up in that same spot that he did to the end see I wasn’t kitty shopping but he wanted me so home we went and as of yesterday we never been apart I feel so lost hurt and wonder if he knows how much I miss him he was so weak yesterday that he could not make him morning wake up to me I took him to his vet and he said I did all I could do and it was time to let him rest but I wonder if I could have made him better some how he was only 2 and his brother was 2/1/2 my babies were taken way to soon my kitty Lee was a daddy’s boy my CC was a mama’s boy all day everyday I just feel so much pain I know he was suffering but I miss him and his brother as much as I did when I lost my parents my love is beyond them being cats they where like my human babies I hope they do go to heaven and I hope that cc will visit me Lee has already showed himself pray for me please I need a great intervention for my hurt
Donna Sidney 
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I hope so.  That is the comfort I take.
Camilla Taylor
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I believe their spirit is still with us, at least for a while.

I lost my best friend of 13 years yesterday while she was having surgery. I have had to have three pets euthanized and was able to be there holding them as they passed. All three of mine did pass peacefully while I held them and stroked their head but yes, you still grieve and miss them. I was robbed of this closure yesterday with my Daisy due to the circumstances.

I will ask that you open yourself up to her presence. I was sitting here having a real good cry this morning and her spirit came to me and expressed her love. I swear I could feel her licking my face, not physically but spiritually, It was like she was licking my soul telling me it was alright.

I am still consumed with grief but I feel much better. I pray that you can find the same comfort.
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What a great story!😂 I just lost my Boston Terrier, Daisy two days ago.
I was raised in the church but lost my way and have been astray most of my life. Recently I felt being "called back" and have found God again. Christ promised heaven would be paradise. Paradise for me will include ALL of my pets I have had since childhood. I believe this! Surely an omnipotent God can manifest our lost pets even if one believes they are "soulless" (which I do not). As for Marmalade leading you back...God knows what it takes and he does work in mysterious ways!😂

As many know here that have read my posts, here on the Rainbow Bridge Forum, I was an atheist or agnostic for over 55 years, untill an incident involving my cat "Marmalade." He was injured in New Mexico in an accident, which could have easily killed him and I immediately dropped to my knees and prayed for mercy. I did not know what to do. I knew that I would most likely end my life very quickly if Marmalade did not recover. And remarkably my prayers were answered a tenfold. He recovered and we lived 3 more years together and had quite a few adventures and countless memorable moments. Just he and I. Including out on the road for 3 1/2 months.

From the time that I prayed for mercy from God, things have happened in my life that are supernatural. I document them. My business partners have witnessed them directly occur in front of them, time and time again, over the last 3 years. Their jaws have been left on the floor. I have shared some of these stories here on the forum. They are beyond coincidental. They are spiritual in nature. And they have always involved great and bountiful blessings and incredible mercies.

How is it possible, that this little cat, could reconnect me with God and the Holy Spirit? When nothing on Earth, no human being, no book, no church sermon could do so? How could this little cat, impact me on so many levels? Teach me so many lessons? Change my life in so many ways? Just by his being?

Do I think I will ever see my beloved Marmalade again? I do not know. I hope and pray to be able to do so, but I will not hold God for ransom if that is not possible. For you see...meeting and knowing my boy Marmalade, was already heaven on Earth. It was paradise to know him. To be in his company. To experience such great love in my lifetime. I am grateful for the time that Marmalade and I were alloted. For the time we got to spend together. For all the joy, laughter, smiles, companionship and warmth that we experienced. For our paths to have crossed when they did. Seeing him again would be the ultimate bonus. But I am happy and content for what occured during my time with him. 

If there is a Heaven or afterlife for people, then there must be one for all animals, as in many ways they are more advanced than we are as a species in my opinion. 

The impact of knowing my boy left me connected with a higher power. It altered my entire perception of religion and faith and God, through...love. What an invaluable gift Marmalade left me. How can I ask or expect more?

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I lost my beloved cat Half-and-Half last year and I still mourn for her. She was my best friend, weird as that may sound. She was loyal and when I looked in her eyes, I could just see this wisdom of her knowing me through and through. I had her for 11 years, she was 12 when she died of kidney failure. I was with her when they put her down. She was an angel.
Yes, I also believe there is a Heaven for our beloved pets.

I'm so sorry for your loss and I thank the others for their responses, as reading them helped me too.
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Yes, there is no question we will see them again. That's my viewpoint, after becoming familiar with the near-death experiences of so many people and looking into new discoveries of quantum physics. No question.
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