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Thank you Zana2011 and Opus

I am sorry as well for your loss. I think about my baby every day. Sometimes I feel like I am in a state of suspended animation. 
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I want to say something in case it seems to anyone that I am bashing veterinarians. That's not the case at all. For instance, if the vet I went to did all the right things and followed the law I would not have to file a complaint. This is not what I want to do. It is very painful to write this complaint. I relive that day over and over, but I have to do it for my dog. 

  • This vet did not obey the law and discuss the procedure and risks to give me and my husband an opportunity to ask questions so we could make an informed decision. 
  • He told me my dog's pre-op lab work was clean, but I found out after my dog passed away the lab work was flagged and he withheld this from me.
  • His office rushed us in for the pre-op only to tell us that day the next available appt was 4 weeks later, they should have grouped them as close together as possible, so I have learned.
  • In that case, he had 4 weeks to discuss the procedure and risks, and the lab work.
  • I called him a week after the lab work was done and spoke to him for 14 minutes and he never said a word to me about either. 
  • He knew my dog was anxious and petrified. He never suggested something to calm him.
  • He acknowledged my dog was "fractious" in his notes the day of the dental, yet he did not call me to alert me my dog was basically petrified. Sure, my dog was fractious. He was scared. He was in fight or flight mode and any caring vet would have called me. No elective/voluntary procedure is worth stressing a pet. It's against the law here to keep an animal in fear.  For all I know my dog may have passed from a heart attack because he was so frightened, maybe why that vet didn't call me right away.
  • He claims my dog passed during recovery, so he should have been on the phone with me immediately when there was a problem.
  • There were no vitals or anesthesia record with the notes which leads me to believe my dog was not being monitored.
  • He never wrote or said they did everything possible to keep my dog breathing and to save him.
  • The use of a tracheal tube was not written in the notes. The notes are bare.
  • He never explained what happened. He grasped for things to blame.
  • He didn't take responsibility because he didn't think he did anything wrong, so I would expect a responsible vet to suggest a necropsy for my own peace of mind. I didn't know about a necropsy until my dog was already in a box. 

This vet didn't care. Everything he and they did in that place was wrong. I can't help but bash him. I have no choice but to write a complaint letter and sue him. He deserves it. He didn't make an honest mistake. He didn't do anything right. It was his negligence that killed my dog. He robbed my dog of his life. 

I found out after my dog passed that he was sued in local court in 2014 for malpractice, causing the death of someone's cat due to treating it for months for the wrong reason. The cat had a heart problem all along and he treated it for pancreatitis. If I knew about that I would have never gone there. By the way, you know how he treats pancreatitis?  I know because he saw my other dog for it and he gave him prescription food (which gave him an ear infection).  That's it.  That's how he treats pancreatitis. I took my dog to my other vet who gave him all kinds of meds and for a week I gave him IV fluids. He gave him a different brand Rx food with much lower fat. And I brought him back for follow-up lab work. That's how a real vet treats pancreatitis. 

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Thank you Memories_of _Marmalade

Thank you for your compliment. Yes, I did a lot of research on reputable sites like the AAHA, Harvard Veterinary, etc., and I read my states laws and code several times. I spoke to their law department. I get all my ducks in a row.  I don't mess around.  In the past I've written to CEO's of major corporations. I'm not afraid to speak up when I strongly believe in something. Yes, I present it in the most professional manner so that my concern will be taken seriously. 

I'm so very sorry for your loss of Marmalade. I've read your posts and about your bad vet experiences. I understand completely. You trust a professional and you want them to care for your loved one. You learn when it's too late that they are cold and callous.

I knew this vet from a long time ago. I thought I could trust him. I used to go to him decades ago with my other dog. He proved that he is like one of those restaurants that you used to go to which used to be good.  You don't go there for a few years and go back thinking it's going to be the same, yet you find out it went downhill.  That's him.   

I never thought of checking his records -- court records, complaints, reviews, because I thought I trusted him from the past. Oh how I wish I did.  I see now he had bad reviews before I went there with my dog. He was sued in 2014 because he caused the death of someone's cat. I never thought of checking on him. Now I am so regretful. He was not to be trusted. I learned in the most painful way. 

It's interesting you say your vet appeared unaffected. The problem lies with your vet not addressing the stroke and his aloofness about it. It's not that the vet is being "blamed", it's that they don't care and that causes the blame!  Shrugging his shoulders is an insult. It's wrong. It's like saying, "Oh, well."  That's unacceptable. 

This shyster vet called me on Xmas Eve to tell me my healthy 6-year dog didn't make it and nonchalantly said, "It happens."  A young dog dying during routine dental doesn't "happen."  I told him I trusted him. Then he told me while I was hysterical crying that I will still have memories.  Is he for real?  He told me nothing of what happened. Never told me after that and never apologized, even if he didn't accept responsibility, he still didn't apologize for my loss. He waited to call me. Didn't call me when my dog's health was failing. Because it was all lies. Everything with that vet was a lie from the start. I had to lose my dog to find that out. It's a crying shame.  If you read some of my posts, you'll read there is so much more to this charlatan. 

What happened to us is not common.  Our pets' lives were stolen from them and us.  Our sweet pets and their unassuming lives, who gave more than they asked for. 

Yes, there are good and great vets out there that's why it's beyond me why I didn't keep going to the good vet I had for over 5 years. He is Dr. Dolittle to me. He speaks to the animals with a good bedside manner. I would trust him with my own life. He treats every animal from mice to horses. He knows his stuff and he said he likes animals better than people. That's my kind of vet.

Always feel free to contact me publicly or privately. I don't judge anyone, except charlatan vets who inflict harm or cause harm or death to an animal. 

~ Parker's Mom

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I think you all need to remember there are people grieving on this forum and it’s not the place to attack each other, up until recently it’s been a peaceful place to visit and read others lovely stories, so let’s keep it that way please.
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