We had Pollux and Castor since they were puppies. We planned on getting two boys from the start (We planned for over a year). We got Pollux first and named him Pollux because my husband liked it, but when we got Castor, no other names seamed to fit but that one (We tried for 2 weeks before we gave in and named him Castor). Their names are from Greek/Romen mythology - the gemini twins - the brother that were inseperable even in death. And in life our two boys were, they were the living embodiment of their names, one was never seen without the other, no matter what. But now that we only have one - I am having trouble coping with the idea of Castor as a sole identity. The only thing I can equate it to is loosing a twin. I used to say "the kids" or "the Boys" all the time in talking about by dogs, and I think of them as one being with two heads, (not really but you get the idea) but now I only have one.
I need some new terminology or ways of thinking about Castor, so that I don't always think about him and his brother as one, but as him for himself.
Any ideas?
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I was used to calling mine "the boys" too. I think we all began to quite unconsciously call and refer to our other dog as "my boy" after River's accident. I walked our 2 dogs myself most of the time. We went on 2 outings a day using about 10 different trails, although we had 3 favourites. Getting used to taking our other dog Shadow out on these trails has been one of the most difficult things for me to adjust to and it has been difficult for Shadow too. They were a team. There is one trail in particular that has a stream running through it that I wonder if I will ever be able to go back to. It was a special outing we made on weekends. Maybe in the spring. Our new pup is now just big enough to be able to handle one of the shorter, easier trails and did it today for the first time.
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I find I feel better when I look after my surviving two cats (Betsy' sister Cleo and her brother, Mr Harold). Mr Harold is also positive for Felv and Fiv and Cleo is negative for both. They were kittens when they crossed over to my back yard from the property of a cat hoarder. Hence their positive status.

I think thinking of one is easier with a cat since a cat is always a royal unity rather than a multiplicity. I would give Castor a title like Mr, Professor or something of that nature and treat him like is single, unique and special. There is only one good thing to this story and that is that now he can have more attention devoted to  him alone. I would focus on his specailness rather than his belongingness to the group of two.
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