I just recently lost my childhood cat of 19 years but I have another cat who appears to be holding up rather well. He's eating, drinking, and using his liter box with no problems. He is playing and bird watching like usual. I cannot tell if he is grieving or actually happy to have me all to himself. But, my problem is I am grieving so hard over the loss of my senior cat that I feel like in order to fill this hole in my heart and the emptiness I feel at home, I should get another animal. Any suggestions?
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I tried to get a kitten when I lost my cat of 13 years. My male cat bit her in the neck. My parents have him. He is 5 yrs old and the kitten was 8 months. She is okay. I blame myself for introducing them too quick. If you get another cat or kitten go slow and really keep an eye on them. I think my cat liked being by himself because my cat that passed was the boss of the two
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 Yes, getting another kitten should work out fine. It may take some time for them to settle together, so be patient. I hope it all works out.

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If your current cat is a male get a female and vice versa otherwise they fight over dominance. Trust me I have three girls and two boys
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I guess it's better to get a new one :) 
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We had a beautful tortie, Hazel, who was our only cat. We made the grave mistake adopting Ollie a mail cat who tormented her for 5 years. She finally developed cancer, I think the stress of Ollie hunting her 24 hours a day finally got to her immune system.
My advice, adopt a bonded pair once your remaining cat is no longer with you. If adopt a new animal, male of female, if it doesn't work out, then you have a problem that is not easy to solve.

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Getting a new one will be a great idea. They will be buddies as time goes.
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There is something on the market specially designed to help integrate multiple cats. It is called Feliway and is available on Amazon and No, I do not sponsor or have anything to do with this product, Amazon, or Chewy. I was having a problem with my Isis attacking Scarlett (both females) every time I brought her home from the vets. The vet recommended I try Feliway which they use in all their feline treatment rooms. In essence, it "mimics" the hormone scent of a mother cat with her kittens. There are various formulations--I get the one for multiple cat aggression (like an air freshner that you plug into an outlet) but also have the comfort formulation that I use in their carriers when I take them to the vets. Just a suggestion--it may help whether introducing a new kitten/cat or whether dealing with a cat who has recently lost a fur-mate. Also, from my understanding, if given a choice, a cat prefers to be the sole pet (unless they are littermates or both kittens) in a household.
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