I am writing about my 2 miniature schnauzers.  Eppie is 17 and the mom of Cosie, who is 15.  I am struggling with making the call to have them put down.  It is hard enough to make the decision for one, but I am trying to make it for two.  Eppie is definitely ready.  She is senile and doesn't seem to know me anymore, not enjoying what she used to, pacing, getting weak in the legs and having accidents inside.  Cosie isn't much better.  She is diabetic and needs insulin twice a day and has occasional seizures.  She also has accidents inside and seems to have difficulty swallowing.  Both are still eating and drinking, but getting pretty thin. My struggle is that Cosie may not be quite as bad as her momma.  However, she doesn't know life without her and I think not putting them down together may just be too painful for her just to buy her a little more time.  It's a dilemma though...and not something I am absolutely sure of.  Anyone else ever deal with this?  When is the right time?  I just don't seem to have the courage to make the call.  My heart says keep them longer, but my brain says it's time.
Love my schnauzers
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My heart aches for you.  This is the "dreaded" decision that none of us are ready to make.  But, part of being a loving, caring, fur/feather baby....
.... is setting "their needs before our own....".  This is the hardest, saddest decision ever....but, it will be based on love.  I do not have any more words, except,
that I am sorry.  Strength and many prayers.
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No one can advise you on that dear because to everyone "the right time" is different. For me cleaning up the poop and pee from the floor, furniture, bathing, finger/syringe feeding, medicating for hypertension and pain around the clock, seeing my cat's health deteriorate, deafness, depression, lethargy wasn't an indicator that it's time. I only rushed her to speed up her natural death process when the only lung she had functioning (second one was collapsed) contracted fluid. She started dying that day and at 14.5 years old I did not want to prolong her suffering in the efforts to buy more time.
Death is final. You won't be able to change your mind.
I would only euthonize if the animal begun physically dying in front of me and having knowledge about her health condition I knew that she wasn't going to get better. Hope that helps.
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I'm facing that very question now. My cat has bladder cancer. There are some days I think it's time and then she surprises me and seems to feel better.
She certainly is a trooper. She still eats and drinks.
Urinates often but sometimes has trouble urinating and then I think it's time again but then the urine starts flowing again. It's very stressful going back and forth trying to figure out when to euthanise. I know her time is very limited. She is 17 years old.
I wish I could help you decide but everyone's situations are so different. I feel your pain. Perhaps listen to your gut. I'm there with you. Hugs
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