I would like advice, words of wisdom, help, pointers, something on when you know your pet is suffering, giving up, etc..... my pet Smokey is on and off, meaning good days and bad days. He does eat and drink no problems there but the last few days he has been having issues pooping. I feel deserted by my vet at this point she said to let him be and that there is not much more she can do. She has been very good to me and Smokey but I assumed vets will be there to do what they can until the end. Is that incorrect? I feel so lost and alone.
Smokeys mom
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Dear Smokey's mom, I replied on your other post. I don't think your vet feels she can do anymore but I've written out my thoughts and I truly hope they help. Please post again. S
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Hi. I think if our Pet has any problem, we should contact with Veterinary surgeon. And if we can, we should bring them to Veterinary surgeon Agency every month.
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