I have lost both my dogs in the past month. Both were old and sick so I did get a long time to enjoy them . In 13 years I never got to go out of town without having to worry about them . I went away this past week and thought about them often and had a few nightmares. The hardest part was coming home , and not having them to greet me. I used to rush home because I couldn't wait to see them. It hasn't been that long but I'm still so sad and heartbroken when does it get better ? Nothing feels right without them !
Why am I not able to stop thinking about them all throughout the day.
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Simply because they matter and they always mattered to your life.  They were your family, giving unconditional love and acceptance throughout the years.  We just don't realize how much of an impact our special ones have on us . . . To me, the loss is always there - it changes who we are and our lives - we try to move through the pain and loneliness - but I am not sure there is ever 'relief'  . . . 
Those so integral to our lives, will always be so - And you are absolutely right - "Nothing feels right without them!"  and nothing feels the same without them. . .  After 3 months I still cry each day and struggle to deal with the physical loss . . .

Take care
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yes, CKMP is right, they did matter, and esp. losing two in the past month, that is a huge toll to your heart. This is all too fresh, too raw and too will take time to heal, you miss your babies greeting you at the door.

I know my first few weeks were really tough, i would cry every morning, and even at night, i lost out on so much sleep cuz the 2 dogs that i lost both in 2015 were always on my mind. I do know,in time, the pain will not be as hard, thing is, it takes time. Feel all your feelings, I journal each day, and have so many pictures around my home to remind me of the precious memories. Thing i miss most, is the physical part of holding and giving my dogs a kiss when i leave for work or just seeing their happy faces.

Again, losing a pet is like losing a child, they are my babies, and i feel so lost without them...going on 6 months for me, and i still cry each day, cuz i miss them. But i do try to think good thoughts and have fond memories and try to stay postive, it is just hard. Please keep posting here too, and you will realize you are no alone, there are so many caring compassionate people on this site.


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You know - I asked the same question myself... When will it get better? And I have to tell you - for me, my grief began to take a life of its own for my dog (Hoku). If I let go of the grief - does that mean I'm over him? For a crazy moment I wanted the grief to stay because I felt it was an extension of Hoku. Time keeps going, my friend. It doesn't care if you are grieving and if you're not ready. But I will tell you that something happens when the grief lifts.. And time passes, you'll want to feel the grief but it's replaced with great memories of you and your beloved dogs. They become a part of you and they will stay alive in your heart forever. Yes it gets better... But it's going to be when you are ready... And you will know.

Hokus Mom
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Hi, I`m so sorry for both your losses. how unbearable to lose your two little friends within the space of a month. We lost our 17 year old dog 6 months ago, we never used to be able to go out for long unless I could get my mum to mind him, but she is 82 and could only have him for 3 to 4 hours.  After we lost him it felt so strange being able to stay out, it didn`t feel right and even though I knew he`d gone, I still felt the need to come home early.   
  While I still miss him so much, I can now look back and remember all the happy years we shared with him, and I know we gave him a great life. Its such a gradual process, coming to terms with  losing them - although they`re never really gone as they leave a part of themselves within our hearts forever.  

                                                         Take care, Jackie
J Taylor
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My deepest condolences on your losses! Coming home to an empty house was what I found the hardest when I lost Sampson. It will get easier with time.
Take good care,
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I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your two sweet babies. I know how you feel. We lost our sweet Corgi, Jenny, back in January. I don't think we are supposed to "get over" it or anything. I think that we just "get through" it. Our pets are like our children. They are in our hearts forever. I'm believing that God will allow us to see them again one day. I try to focus on the joy that Jenny brought me. She has truly been a blessing to me. She was with me as I went through a rough time in my life. She is my best friend. God bless you. I pray He gives you comfort and strength. Take care. ((HUG))
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Hi I'm also so sorry for your loss. What you are feeling is normal. I always use to love coming home as my kitty was here. For the first few weeks I cried on the way home more like sobbed and found it unbearable. It is still hard. It's been 6 weeks now but I'm finding I don't cry on the way home or when I walk in the door. I'm not happier but I must be adjusting. There was only me and my kitty so there is a huge void.
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Crose8 I wish I knew the answer to your question.  I ask myself the same thing daily.  I think about my Winston 24/7.  Maybe it  is so slow to get better because we had such love for our babies, and we saw them daily for years, and years and loved them unconditionally.  They leave a huge hole in our lives when they are gone.  I wish you peace, and i hope we all  find an answer to that question someday.   Sue
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I know how you feel. :( I lost my dog to lung cancer nearly 2 months ago.

I have days when I really miss him. The first few weeks after he died, I kinda dreaded going home after work because he won't be there to greet me as he usually does.

I can't say when it will be ok. :( they gave us so many good memories together, and now, they're part of the memories themselves. It's hard. It's so sad that they have such short lives. :(

I wish you peace of mind and heart. We will always miss our loves.
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