I lost my kitay and I feel down everyday. Ilost him on 1/13/10. Kitay I miss you and love you.
This has been a hard summer for me. Sitting outside on the patio without my Kitay has not been the same . It is his birthday this past week ,he would of been 15 years old. I thought it would not be as painful,but i think of him everyday. Kitay if you can hear me i love you mister Leno. (that was his nickname) . one day we will meet again. at the bridge.


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It takes a while to get better, little by little.  Sometimes you will think you are coping better then have a set back.  My Chloe has only been gone a month, first week was just gut wrenching.  I have still cried every day, but now I can make it through the work day better without drifting and having my eyes well up.  I think I still have time for the acceptance, the longer they are gone, the more you realize they aren't coming back which can cause a meltdown if you've been in a denial stage.  It's a process.  I don't know when it gets better, just let yourself feel and give yourself a break
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