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Yesterday was the day three months ago for me. I've been working and taking care of my only pet left. Seems so quiet without them at time making their point to each other. Katia barking Timber would meow at her to pipe down. Sigh I just miss those days.
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Mo do not feel guilty. You did what you had to, to buy more time with Gracie. I put my lillie to rest july 12th... It has been the hardest 6 months of my life knowing the outcome would be me losing her. I still want her here... And still cry.. But then i think she's in a better place. I was greedy... I cleaned her and messes... And i would keep doing it but you just know when it's time to let go. Her last days she was unbalanced her eyes changed she was bleeding... Sometimes your heart and your brain don't agree. You see their health decline but your heart is in too much pain to let go. It's sad but sometimes you have to ignore your heart. I couldn't keep putting her through the pain to just keep her with me.
I hope you find peace. Gracie is running around and back in the best health she's ever been. Just like Lillie.
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