hi, again. Thx. For the ones  trying me with my 16.5 yr old female white cat. I'm still concerned  She'sbit though. eating better. I changed food from fancy feast pate to friskies pate. Has rice in it I'm bit concerned about but she's eating now.  Started her on wet pate in  2016 to diabetic briefly. Went into remission after one week of insulin. My husband divorced "us" next year. I've taken good care of her to been just us two chicks since then. We lived in two different section 8 apartments to my being disabled poverty level income. But to neither place suitable  really in different ways for us I used small settlement had left from divorce to buy a mobile home in a decent community. So she can be outdoors (as used to be when married to had house and land) without leash restraint. I started noticing her weight loss and bit other symptoms not long afterr moved in here,  December 1.  I'd been taking her to local humane society vet to office copay low .  if low income as I. On the visit February 5.  visit to converse they wouldn't do anything to she's become very irate at vet. Hisses, growls, actually scratched one time. I now have to  have her sedated to be examined. I  now go to another vet another is very good. The office visit is much more unfortunately. The other costs not a huge difference.  Anyway. The vet. Mentioned possible cancer of some kind.  After a full blood panel of cbc, kidney, thyroid almost a month ago the vet said all here was great. So seems ANY cancer would show up here. Her heart sounds good too. I've noticed she now vomits if I give her bits of my my food she used to be ok with and loved. She doesn't vomit now when eats grass though as should and used to. She's eating again Actingbutvstill losing weight it seems. I used Frontline plus about a week ago. To thought maybe parasites. She's be scratching like has fleas again lately.  There was one on my leg. Could this bebtonthebfleasvarebtryingbtobescape ? She's very sensitive when I brush an touch one side on hip area. She seems to not like me to rub her anywhere much at all now. She's been more cuddely with me. She's never been a cuddler.  It's obvious she's not feeling well often. She still purs a lot and all who have cats know this is a sign if happiness really. She now doesn't stretch back legs when gets up like used to. I don't  want  to get x-rays of hips to not think could do anything anyway really. And I really can't afford so anymore vet tests. Cats tend to hide things so I  dont really know how bad she's feeling. I know I'm already crying often to thought of not having her and seeing when she is in obvious pain. 

Any help on her symptoms and when/if should "let her go" would be so appreciated. 
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