My 16.5 yr old cat has be having symptoms of weight loss, pain for at least a month. I went through a terrible divorce in 2017 so we had to move from our house with land in rural area to section 8 housing to I'm disabled with poverty level income. The apartments we had were not suitable for either my physical issues or her need to be outdoors some without leash restraint. To so I bought a mobile home with the small settlement had left from divorce. It has adequate grass and she can be without leash restraint as long as I'm with her. I always made sure to do this anyway. Not long after being here I started to notice she seems to be losing weight. And not eating well acting her usual self. I was gone for almost a month in October 2019 to total knee replacement surgery. We both.missed each greatly. Upon returning home I was in much pain with many coming and going for physical therapy so on. So I was somewhat distracted often. We moved to our mobile home in December. I took her to the humane society vet clinic to is less expensive to my income. But she's become very irate so the vets cannot examine her even without the use of sedative. On visit on February 5 she was so irate they wouldn't even try to examine her. I got her in a week later with the vet that cleans her teeth. They took the time to listen to me, so on.. They noted she has lost one pound since last teeth cleaning in June 2019. Her kidney, thyroid, sugar labs were perfect. As well as her heart sound. She was diabetic in 2016 went into remission after one week of insulin. To this I've gotten her blood checked yearly. Upon the visit to this vet about a week ago cancer was mentioned. I research stuff online often. The types of cancer stated were primarily the blood cancers that are preventable with vaccinations. I spoke with the vet on the phone the other day to her cbc was checked this time. The vet said all her labs were great. To she's an indoor/outdoor cat I suggested perhaps parasite to her het tummy seems bloated and she's had trouble with constipation. I was given Frontline plus to try. I got Frontline on visit to humane society vet on Feb 5. She apparently had fleas despite the cold. This seemed to help greatly for a while. She's eating better to I changed her food acting bit better overall. I can tell she's in pain though. When she's resting when I rub her she'll twitch her tail depending on the area I'm rubbing. When I'm rubbing her hip area her tail twitches vigorously. Apparently this means she's in pain.

.Please, help me to understand what is really going on with her. And when will be the time to let her go. I'm crying so much already. She's all I've got really. I've no children of own to disability. I'm now legally blind so can't drive anymore either.

Thx. So much
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I’m sorry your sweet cat isn’t feeling well! It sounds like you need more information before making your decision. It’s good that her blood work was normal, especially the CBC because cancer will usually show up there. Is it possible that she injured her hip area, the area where her tail twitched when you touch it? Has anyone examined it? You don’t want to let her go if this is something fixable. Keep a close eye on her and I would suggest telling the vet what you’ve posted about her hip area. She may need an x-ray of that area.
Keep us posted and hugs to you!
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Thx. I thought of this. One of the people in a mobile home behind me was upset to Belle (my baby) was nosing in their stuff outside. I was not sure how far off was or the terrain. I'm legally blind and have bad knees (arthritis, one areplacement still healing) so I told her if she not like my baby being there to chase her away.  My baby came running fast then. I wonder if the lady kicked her or something. Not long after we moved here I did not see her laying on the floor as I was walking to kitchen. My knee was still pretty painful so walking roughly. I walked into her. It was pretty hard to I almost tripped. It put strain on my knee and really hurt.  She seemed fine later though.  I feel terrible to I've stepped on her, tripped on her, so on so many times to apartments we've lived lived in so small. She's obviously gun shy when I'm in area if her food and she wants to eat. I just can't really spend more money on tests. If was injured not much can fo anyway but let it heal.
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My advice would be to at least have a vet check her over to see if there is an injury. She may need pain pills or could even require having a bone set. It would be really helpful for you to know.
If you feel you’re not able to look after her you may want to consider surrendering her so that she gets the care she needs but from your post I can see that you really love her.
I would also be careful around the neighbors if you’re suspicious that they may have hurt your cat. Although it’s very hard for you being in pain you must be your cat’s protector. You are all she has. 
I hope you will keep posting and you may be able to google a veterinary school where the costs will be cheaper or if there isn’t one on your area I would just be honest with your vet and tell them you love your cat very much but you can only afford a certain amount. I think a vet hearing this may give you a bit of a discount or at least not push you to do any tests. All my best wishes and blessings!
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