Rabbits are not very long lived, I knew this when I got her. I knew this when I let her steal my heart away and when she gave me hers. I knew five years was a good long life, anything longer was a gift.

But when I found her lying cold and still, looking as if she had gone to sleep and not woken up, I couldn't believe it. Even when calling my sister and choking out the words, "Rockie's dead" between sobs, I didn't really believe it. I thought I had made a stupid mistake and she was going to wake up and give me The Look.

Rockie was special - her entire world revolved around me. Even when I got her a boyfriend and they instantly bonded, she'd dash away from him in a second as soon as I waggled my fingers at her. She'd lick my hands and face when I got on the floor with her, then settle in next to me for a good nap and a pet. She'd let me hold her when I was upset and would playfully dance around me when I came home.

She was an emotional crutch. No matter how bad life got, she brought a smile to my face and joy to my life and now, suddenly, unexpectedly, she is gone. She had just been given a clean bill of health by a well-respected vet on thursday. Then on saturday she was dead.

I just can't stop crying. Every time I go home or think of going home after being out I just bawl my eyes out. Every time I open the door, I think she's going to come running up to me for loving and then I remember that she's gone and it's like losing her all over again. And I just keep thinking that what if it is something I missed - something I should have picked up on and didn't and she could have lived a longer, healthy life if I had just seen it? And what if she was scared or in pain when she died and I was sleeping in the other room and not there for her?

And I just miss her. I miss just knowing she is waiting for me and my heart is broken that she will never be there again.

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I am so sorry about your sweet baby Rockie.  what a sweet bunny. What an amazing bond you had with her. This is a bunny that knew she was loved. We could what if...ourselves into a frenzy..I know, Ive been there. You took the best care of her you could. It may have even been her heart, if it was that qyuick. Someone also told me, that animals accept death much more easily than we do. it could have happened in a blink of an eye. no one really knows.
I understand so totally, about the no one there to greet you when you come home..thats how it is with me now, All you can do is let out your sobs and grief, and know that we will be here to help you through this.
It's been 7 weeks since my Maddie passed, and I thought I would never ever heal. What I did. is just let the grief come pouring out as it will, and came here for support. My prayers are with you. Judy
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The sadness I hear in your writing breaks my heart.  She sounds like a very, very special little girl.  Yes, our furbabies are always there for us giving us that unconditional love and comfort that we need.  When that gets taken away, there is a huge void, an emptiness that takes quite a while to adjust to.
We understand the tears and the sadness you are experiencing right now.  Please give yourself time.  It's going to take time but you will get through this.  You are in my prayers.
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I'm so sorry you had to find her like that.  It must have been terribly hard :(  I wish our pets could live forever but sadly they do not :(  You must take some comfort in the quality of her life and it sounds like she was a truly happy bunny.  You gave her a very good life and you should be proud of that.  The suddenness and loneliness is sometimes impossible to bare, but in time things will become a little easier.  You will never forget her, she will always be inside your heart, but the heartache will slowly disappear and all you will have is the good memories of her love.

Come and write as often as you like.  The people on this forum understand what you are going through.

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