Hello everyone,
I cannot thank everyone who posts on this forum enough.  Sharing your feelings and stories has helped me so much in realizing I did the right thing in euthanizing my boy Joey, the Best Little Dog in the Whole Wide World.   Joey was a beautiful 14 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I have had so much guilt that I did it too soon, but he had congestive heart failure and other health problems and if I had waited he would have only been in more pain and anxiety.  I am truly a case of better too soon than too late.

I do want to share what I did that has helped me so much.  After Joey died a friend was showing me her Teddy Bear collection and I picked one up and held it. I had never had a Teddy Bear as a child and I was just astounded at how comforting it was to hold that Teddy Bear.   I ordered 3 online because I didn't know which one one wanted and the 24" one shown in the photo was perfect for me.  I took it to a seamstress who opened it up, removed some of the stuffing, and replaced it with Joey's ashes, then sewed it back up.  I put his collar on the Teddy Bear.  It fit perfectly, but it was too painful to look at, so I knitted it a little tie to cover up the collar out of the same yarn I had knitted him snoods to keep his ears out of his food.  It is so comforting to hold that Teddy Bear to my heart and just cry and cry.  I also hold it when I read, watch tv, and when I go to bed.  

I didn't know what to do with the other two bears until I had the idea of donating them to our local Hospice.  I got a wonderful letter from the director who told me they offered one to a 94 year old woman who had to leave her home of many years to stay at Hospice.  The woman gratefully accepted the bear, saying "I like to hold onto things".  The lady held onto that bear her entire stay and passed away holding it.  I am going to continue donating Teddy Bears to Hospice as a way to memorialize Joey.

I hope this idea might help someone here through the unbearable grief we feel.

With love and appreciation,
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When my boy Beck died last year, I was shopping for an urn and I came very close to buying one of the teddy bears that could hold ashes. I ended up deciding on a different one however, because the moment I saw it I knew it was 'the one'.
I think part of that reason too was because when my mom was in palliative care, near the end she had become very childlike. I took her to the souvenir shop to pick out a teddy bear that she would hold onto when she was scared, and punch when she was frustrated. I still have that bear, it sits on a shelf right near Beck's urn. Once in a while I hold it, it brings me such comfort.

I absolutely love what you did for the woman in hospice, and think it is such a wonderful idea of donating them.

I'm sorry for the loss of your Joey. 
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened” ~ Anatole France
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What a beautiful thing...thanks for sharing!
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That is a beautiful thing. I hope it work for you Linda. Sorry for your loss 
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I was heartbroken when my beloved cattle dog Charly had to be euthanized on April 30 because of incurable cancer.  We spent 10 happy years together, but all things must end, alas.  Charly loved to run and we took many hikes on the trails around beautiful Lake Tahoe.
After he was cremated I scattered part of his ashes on all the trails we enjoyed, and also in the Reno park where he liked to play with children.  Scattering ashes is a way to achieve closure after the death of a beloved pet, although the aching sadness persists, along with the memories. 
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