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glad you have Laika with you now, and you did the right thing by having her cremated, you can bring her with you anywhere now.....I know that i hold my babies ashes everyday, I lost my Munki back in Dec 3, 2015 and miss the dickens out of her, and having her ashes to hold makes a great connection for me.

I am glad you are getting thru life, doing what you have to to make a buck and survive, and I am sure Laika loved all that you did for her by keeping by her side and being best of friends. And glad your jeep is set up for full camping with all the necesseties. I wish you the best on your new journey, remember, Laika is still with you and seems like you already had a visit from her (the dream).....glad you have your beautiful Laika now with you, and you did all the right things for all the right reasons.....for your choice and she is with you now........wishing you a peaceful journey, one day at a time!


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I am so glad that you now have your little girl back with you.  Wherever you go, she still go`s with you, and that just feels so right.  We have our Jim`s ashes - they stay on the sofa on his favourite cushion, then they go on the dressing table each night. 
 I think you`ve been so brave - letting your heart rule your head was the only possible thing to do, and you did it out of the pure love that you and Laika shared.  I know she`ll be saying " Thanks dad ",  and she`ll certainly be watching over you.    Good luck in all that you do.

J Taylor
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I am so so sorry for your loss! I have been there where you are now and I know the pain in totally unbearable and feels like someone is twisting you in the stomach and it's never going to get better!! I lost my beloved harmony to cancer within 2 weeks of us finding out and still today I still cannot believe she is not here cos we had over over 9 years!! Still today I cannot listen to a sad song and struggle to look at her picture as I get a mass lump in my throat but the pain is getting easier with time. What has helped massively is that we went to the rescue centre and found dotty a cross jack Russell who will never replace my harmony but has helped with the loss. It will take time but does get easier and like I said getting another dog will never replace your beloved dog but they take away that empiness and I felt like harmony helped me find dotty in some spiritual way as it was fate we went to the rescue centre that day and the only thing that helps me through is that very thought! Also we have had a robin redbreast coming to visit our garden daily and I know it's her letting me know she's ok!!! I do really feel your pain.
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