What is your favorite breed of dog and why? There are so many different breeds out there, and they all have different personalities!

My favorite breed of dog would have to be what I have! A yellow Labrador and a Cavalier Kind Charles Spaniel. 

The Labrador's are known for their hunting, loyalty and wisdom. My Labrador is extremely eager to please and is very loyal. He is pretty much an amazing dog! Smile I am not biased at all!! Wink It didn't come without work though! I worked with him every day after work when he was a puppy. We trained and walked and ran......we worked together. He is the best dog I've ever had!

Then there is my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He was very easy to train because he took after my lab. He basically followed him around like a lost puppy. No literally, he was! My lab was one year old before we got our new little addition and he was only 8 weeks. My cavalier is the most affectionate, caring little one. He's very smart as well, and energetic. He's always ready to go, whenever you are! I got very lucky to have such great "boys!"

So tell me, what is your favorite breed....and why?
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Dachshund. Miniature.
I was always a cat person before these two but Oscar had so much personality.

And as I type this Ladybug is sitting on the couch next to me barking at a medical commercial on the TV.

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