Its been 41 days an 6 hours that my fur baby Oreo passed away. I realize why this is so painful and is because when this angels pass part of us died with them,.The daily routines that you do with your fur baby totally disappear. 

All fur babies are special, no matter what breed or how they look they are all innocents angels something superior to us in the terms of loyalty, love, respect etc 

To help me with the process of grieving I start organizing my home I clean, paint and do some gardening. Please look around your home there is something to do or fix just get out without thinking and doing it. Try to take long walks, I know is going to be hard when you look to your hand and there is no leash I know is hard ( I'm been there)  but keep walking, trust me. Organize thing, exercises , eat healthy, stay away from the  TV.  This is really help me to keep going and I sure would help you too and the last thing is try to get involve on your locals shelters and fight against animal cruelty. Keep your eyes open for this fur babies. i know Oreo and your babies will be happy if they see us
helping these babies. 
Elethia C&C
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Love your positivity Elethia and sorry for your loss.I am totally the opposite as you at the moment regarding motivation and finding things do and today Sunday my least fav day of the week has been hell.Got up at 5.30am after no more than 4 hours sleep then the day went downhill from there.Had a cup of coffee and a piece of toast then went for a 5 mile walk which takes me over a local railway track,a walk that I never took my Coco as I cared and loved him not to place us both in danger but for some reason the demons in my head that morning told me just go and test my emotions out which I did.Stood no more than 15ft away from the tracks when I heard the oncoming train approaching all the while the demons tormenting me to do it so I can end my pain and suffering in a split second and be with my boy forever.Well suffice to say I’m still here so the demons did not beat me today but tomorrow is another day and I know I cannot hold their daily torment of my mind off for much longer.

Love Runningman

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Runningman, you will get through this. Please do not put yourself in danger. As you said, you never would gave done it when Coco was there so don't do it now. You are Coco's legacy. This loss is so painful and seems like sinking into a deep black hole, but there are good things in life for everyone and you must hold on to them. Please stay safe x
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Runningman, so sorry for your loss. I totally understand your pain I cried almost every day and barely eat or sleep for 3 weeks until one day i woke up to realize that Oreo wont come back and that i don't have no more choice than to keep going. Treasure the good times you had with Coco and keep him alive in your heart like I do with my Oreo. Please take care of yourself be strong and please if you think you cant handle those demons as you stayed PLS talk to your doctor about them.  blessings
Elethia C&C
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For a spilt second every morning I think I need to let her out and feed her. Same thing when I get home from work. And when I’m board laying on the couch I want to yell her name and she’ll come running. It’s so hard not doing are daily routine. 
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Revered Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön says: “A warrior accepts that we can never know what will happen to us next. We can try to control the uncontrollable by looking for security and predictability, always hoping to be comfortable and safe. But the truth is that we can never avoid uncertainty. This not-knowing is part of the adventure.”

A Spiritual Warrior is one who takes on the battle of walking through the darkness to find the light.
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I wish had the words to take away your pain. I’m sitting in front of Maxs park up our street. We came here everyday. I stop here everyday and picture us walking. I can’t believe he’s gone, I can’t believe I’ll never walk here with my baby again. The pain and loss feels like I’m drowning and there’s no life boat. The emptiness that is left feels like it could swallow me hole. I just don’t know how to live without my son. My heart has been ripped out and it’s not fair. I can’t comprehend this loss. I just can’t accept or believe it. He was just here. My son was just here, kissing me, laying on me, jumping on me, following me. My whole world was taken from me in an instant, Ild do anything , give anything to have him back. I know how the darkness feels, the devastation, the trauma,the pure hell. I wouldn’t wish this pain or suffering on my worst enemy. There’s a National Texting crisis Hotline. I’ve used it recently when the pain and darkness was swallowing me. It’s 741-741. I don’t know if it will block it out, if it does tell me and I’ll give it to again. The depths of your despair and loneliness my feel like too much at times. Just know this, sharing your agonizing pain here, has helped me with mine. You are not alone, you are needed.Its the wounded healing the wounded.  IWe are all scared and lost without our babies/best friends. Keep writing on here. Write five times, ten times, as much as you need. We’re all here for each other.  
Laraine Esposito 
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