I lost my Nelly just over three weeks ago. While it may seem like a funny thing to hang onto, I am so afraid of never being able to smell her again. I have her two primary beds that I keep sticking my face in because if I get a whiff of her scent, it brings her back to me in a way that looking at pictures cannot do. I had one of her beds turned over so our other dog wouldn’t sit in it and now it smells like the wood floors and I’m devastated. I feel like if I can’t preserve it, it is letting go of that very real way of me being able to connect to her. I am wondering if other have felt this way as well. She had such a sweet doggie smell—not stinky—just smelled like her.
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Its not funny to hang on to her scent, I do too. I like to smell his scent. It was there for 2 months or so and suddenly gone. But even though he is in heaven now running around he also still lives here on earth in my heart. Its been three weeks since you lost your baby and she was here with you for a very short time but anytime you feel like more time passes by I want you to know that earth is now but Heaven is forever!
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Nellysmom, Please don't worry about her smell. It is comforting but will eventually fade away. Your memories of your dear Nelly on the other hand will never fade. They are yours to keep forever. In time they will bring your heart and soul the healing that you deserve. Wishing you healing and peace,
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I absolutely adored the way Marissa smelled. Her body had a dear, nut-like aroma and I often put my face to her fur and breathed deeply to enjoy the closeness and scent.  That is all gone now and it is certainly a loss. One more facet of the grief.

I'm sorry, Nellysmom. It's all hard to deal with.
-Missing Marissa deeply
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Nelly's Mom,
Your worry is not silly - without a doubt we want to hang on to the physical remains of our special fur ones for ever and always...And as Catiebee says it is just 'one more facet of grief' - the longing for something that signals a tangible connection still.  It is perhaps because the bond between that special one and us is defined by us as being dependent upon a physical presence.  Often though it is that 'sixth sense' that our animals have that we struggle with - for them, the bond is eternal as it is defined by a connection of the spirit or the soul.  It is not defined by physical being but by love and loyalty built between.  Your Nelly can not be far away from you - she is with you throughout the days...May you find comfort in her scent and also within her intangible but inexplicable touch upon your heart.  Mysterious and wondrous little signs she is listening to her mom are her gift to you.  I am so so sorry for your loss. - The journey of grief and mourning is a difficult one - deep in intensity only because the love shared between you and Nelly too was pure and deep.  
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