Mine is first part of the morning. After waking up I’d crack open the back door so she could go out. I’d shower and get dressed. She’d eat while I made my breakfast. I’d let her out one last time before leaving. She’d do the funniest thing. Walk out about 5 feet do nothing and turn around and come back in. Shed do the same thing every day and I’d always laugh to myself. Id kiss her on the head and say goodbye, not doing this each morning is not right. 
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So sorry for your loss...losing our fur babies is unbearable at times.  I don't have a hardest time of the day so far...I can cry at any random time, but I have found weekends to be the hardest for me.  Weekends are when my husband and I are both home and cooking, doing yard work, lounging around watching movies, etc and Quincy was always there...weekends were his favorite time because we were all together and there's a lot more activity on the weekends.  I miss every thing about him every day and he changed us forever...I wish we could go back in time to relive the 11 yrs we got with him.  The last 10 weeks without him have been the hardest of my life.

Take is nice to know there are others out there who feel so deeply about their critter babies.
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I have several. Weekends are hard for me coZ we did a lot more on the weekends. But mornings and nights are particularly heart wrenching. Mornings she would jump up and head for the door to go outside. She would come back in and literally pounce or bounce down the hall to get her breakfast, she loved to eat. I have a few videos of her doing it and it’s so cute. Then she would want a treat and would turn in circles to get one. At night I would let her out she would come back in turn circles to get her treat and head down the hall to my bedroom. I would scoop her up and place her on the bed with me and that’s where we would stay till morning and we did it all over again. Chloe was my baby, she was with me for 14 years. And I miss her terribly. 
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Mornings are the worst....LaGata had a routine all her own.  It cannot be replaced nor copied by her little sisters.  In fact, I feel worse when they try.  Just thinking about it makes me cry
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I currently don't have a specific time of day. Right now, my sadness and grief hits the hardest when I walk into the room that he slept in during his final days. I slept in the room with him. When I walk in there, I like to imagine seeing him sleeping in his spot. His collar and food is still in there, but he's not there. Grief comes over me. 
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Each part of the day is horrific in its own way. In the morning not feeling him against me under my blankets. Not being woken up by Maxs bark for his breakfast. 

The afternoon is horrible too, minutes feel like day’s watching his empty bed, not laying in the yard to sunbathe in his favorite spot. 

Making dinner, without him under my feet, doing chores without him on my heels. 

Bedtime may be the worst of all. He would bark around midnight at the bedroom door to corral us to bed. It was like he was the human parent and we were his kids who had to adhere to bedtime otherwise he wouldn’t stop barking. I miss holding him like a teddy bear in bed, he made me feel like everything was always going to be alright. 

Laraine Esposito 
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Sorry for your loss.  Mornings are hard but I really think evenings are worse.  She would watch tv with me and when I headed to the bedroom she would too.  I feel more upset at night, its been seven months and still hard....
Linda *Mom to two boxer angels* Lily {White Girl} 6/22/09 - 10/14/19  ** Ginger {Flashy Fawn Girl} 6/4/97 - 5/28/09
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For me it is the mornings. Not making her bowl of food and not seeing here poune down the steps are hard. I also had this little ritual I would do with Fancy. I would find a red milk bone-her favorite- and then give it a little kiss and hand to her. She would gingerly place it between her front teeth and then walk to her bed to hide it .. I just miss that little girl so much
alan farlowe
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My worse time is when I go to bed. He slept with me and now all I have left is his blanket which I sleep with and talk to. It is a poor substitute but it is better than nothing at all. During the day I can keep busy but when I'm alone in my bedroom all I can do is think about what a wonderful boy my Cody was and how my life will never be the same without him. 😭
Julie 💔
"Grief only exists where love lived first."
--Franchesca Cox
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The worse part of the day for me is when I come home from work. My baby girl would always be there to greet me and she would get so excited to see me that she would not stop jumping wagging her tail and all she wanted was for me to sit down and pet her.  I miss that the most and the hardest part is when everything at home reminds me of her.  I loved her and she was my best friend. 
M moore
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Every minute of each day is the worst. I still see my big boy Timber everywhere I look in the house. He has been gone one month now and losing him hasn't gotten any easier. I was the first one up to walk him. We would walk at 4 or 5 in the morning. I miss those walks terribly. When I would come downstairs in the morning his tail would be wagging and he would head straight for the stairs because he knew he was going for a walk. Then we would come home and he would eat. He loved to eat. Then it was basically me and him the whole day. My husband works and my 3 kids have school. So basically it was me and my Timber all day. I miss everything about him even when he was naughty. Unfortunately, his passing is made harder because he was only 3 1/2. He was still young and I guess that's what is making it even harder to accept that he is gone. Still, at any given time of day I would be doing something that involved him. When cooking he too would be in the kitchen with me waiting to see what he got. He would always lay near the stove so I had to step over him to cook. I can't even go in my backyard because that is where he spent a lot of his time. He loved to lay on the deck or roam around in the back. Now it's too painful to go out there because I still expect to see him. Life without him has no joy and I fear that it never will again. 
Michelle Santora
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