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Thank you, after a while on this forum you get to feel as though you know certain people, you are one of them.
I feel the pain you have over losing Dali and when I see her picture, I just wish I could reach out and touch her, she was so cute!
All my cats were wonderful in their own ways but as you know sometimes there is that "one" who surpasses all the others, my Shanti is that cat just as Dali is that dog.
We will heal eventually, Shanti and Dali would want that for us.  They loved us and would not want us to grieve for them forever.
Marlene Wagner
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Your Shanti is beautiful.  And yes I know there is that "one" and yes Dali is that one for me.  I am still lost after over 3 months and not sure how to handle things at times.  I know we have to go on and I know they would want us to be happy as they made us so happy.  I don't know about healing, I do know that I will miss and grieve for Dali the rest of my life.  Life goes on, but it will always be very different than before.  I do know that I would not have missed having her no matter how much pain I go through.   Thanks and hugs to you and Shanti

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again


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