My name is Elizabeth and I need some advice. My little dog Mini has an oral tumor in her cheek. It is much larger than when it was first removed. Surgery isn't an option due to her other health issues. I noticed that the top half of the mass is turning brown and her breath smells horrible. I spoke to my vet today on the phone, and I have an appointment tomorrow, and she said it is getting necrotic. She has to go in for tests to see if she has a bladder infection or if her kidneys are shutting down.

I am so lost as to what to do. She has no eyes so it's not like I can tell when she is ready to go by looking at her eyes. This is the first dog I have ever owned, the rest have all been family pets. When do I know that it is time?
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Elizabeth, click on this link to a poem on this site called The Last Battle.
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