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Hi bully's dad, I came across your post, I too had a very similar dream about my dog as well. I'm truly sorry your your loss.

My dream is one like I've never dreamt.

I DREAMT that I was in bed sleeping with my boyfriend and woke because something was nudging me.
That nudge was "Maverick", he was cuddeling up to me. Our nightly ritual we called it "Tummy Time"

I began to pet him and "I could FEEL HIM"

I could FEEL his FUR in between my fingers. I gently squeezed his chest and I could FEEL his rib cage.
As I massaged his feet could FEEL nails on his paws. As I buried my face in back of his head / neck I could SMELL him

I was so happy,
Yes, my Maverick is back !
As continued to pet him, I woke my boyfriend to tell him "Maverick's back".
And my boyfriend replied no honey, Maverick not back, he's not comming back.
So I took his hand and placed it on Maverick's stomach. He was shocked
and I said see, I told you.
I shhh my bf to be quiet, don't wake Maverick up.

I then "woke from my dream" and flew out of bed frantically looking for him, calling out his name, I then realize dam It was a dream

But, I FELT him & I SMELT him.

I've never dreamt where I could feel or smell something/anything. It was too real.

I couldn't go back to sleep & I' cried all day & continue to cry every day.
I know it was Maverick, it was more than a dream, it was too real.

My Maverick died 421 days ago from a heart failure. The last 2 minutes of his life was horrifying. I couldn't save him nor could get him the immediate help he needed. He died in my arms screaming, not yelping but screaming.

Mavericks death has completely changed me. Each day with out him is worse than the day before.

I'm living this life because I have to
NOT because I want to.

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