I found a bully.

They judge and are cruel. 

They rather you keep a beloved dog in a situation rather than them have a better home.

They rather you risk a dog biting your infant child or killing your cat than re-homing them. 

They bully you and wish hell on you.

Well I am not a bully, I wish the best to everyone. I am not competing with anything.

And hope someday people will think before they talk and judge. 

I live on happily in my life, I have found my peace. I know they are safe and loved now.

In better places. 

I did what was right. 

I love animals, I am not cruel or inhuman.
If you think so tell that to this face I have loved since 7 months old.
I did what was right! They are in happier homes now!
I am just as human as anyone else. Have a good rest of the year and summer. <3 


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What happened? Did someone post something nasty? I haven't seen whatever it is or was, but if so the moderator (Ginny) should be notified immediately and she'll remove an offending message right away. I'm sorry if someone went after you. I can't imagine who it might have been. Everyone I've come into contact with, especially those who post here regularly, are so wonderful.

Murphy's Mom (Kathryn)

"Sometimes there is a dog who is so special, he is able to wrap himself so completely around your heart it is impossible to tell where you begin and he ends."  For My Beloved Murphy, 08/31/2004 - 06/18/2014
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You are right.  No one has the right to make judgments of any one else's situation.  Only you know your circumstances and we know ours.  This forum should be a place of support and comfort.  I am sorry that it was not like that for you.  I think that when people are suffering emotionally, as we all are, that sometimes, it may make us very sensitive and possibly react in ways we may not normally.  It is unfortunate that you have had that experience with the forum because I have found the people on here to be so kind and comforting.  
After experiencing a loss of any sort, we all need support.  I hope that you have supportive family and friends around you.  I can tell from this post and the others that you wrote that you are suffering because of what has happened and I am sorry for that.
I agree that you have a duty to protect your baby and your cat.  In your situation all parents would do what they had to do to protect their child.  It was unfortunate that the dogs that were matched to you did not work out...I know that in the time you had them you would have developed a bond and it would have been difficult to take them back to be rehomed.  Animals have a way of melting our hearts.  I hope that they have managed to find them both a home that is more suitable to their needs.
Once again, I am sorry that this forum has added to the distress that you were already feeling.  I do not like to think of anyone who is experiencing loss of any kind, to feel worse than they already do.
Take care.
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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