On February 19th, we unexpectedly lost our 7-year-old orange tabby male, Fletcher, to cardiomyopathy. Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Miss Victoria Kitty, who was 18. I rescued her after she was abandoned 3 years ago after her elderly owner died and his family put her out. She was diagnosed with kidney disease in July 2016 but was doing very well until last week. Friday we brought her home from the vet, where she'd been diagnosed with sudden onset blindness due to high BP. She collapsed almost immediately after we got home, and we rushed her to the emergency vet. They removed a lot of fluid but it came right back, and she also apparently was having heart issues and had a mass in her chest and enlarged lymph nodes. I almost couldn't have her put to sleep, but my fiancee's sister is a vet and after I talked to her and had her talk to the vet who was treating Miss Kitty, it was the right thing to do...but SO SO HARD. She was our only girl and only shorthair since Fletcher died. She was a beautiful, petite, Tuxedo girl with a heart-shaped mark on her nose and she was so courageous and brave and such a survivor-I had to chase her for 7 weeks before I caught her. Lately she'd been sleeping on a pillow next to me in bed and I MISS HER. My beloved Dandylion has health issues, although they're under control, but I'm terrifed something's going to happen to him or one of my other boys. CAN'T STOP CRYING.
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My deepest condolences on the loss of your Miss Victoria Kitty. Bless you for rescuing this poor kitty. It's so hard to imagine her owner's family being so cruel as to just put her out and you chased her for such a long time in order to give her a loving home. She was a beautiful cat by your description. You did the right thing by your Miss Kitty to end her suffering and of course to take her when you did. She must have loved you very much and wanted to be close to you if she's been sleeping on a pillow next to you when she knew she was very ill. She trusted you and found comfort there.
I am also sorry for your loss of Fletcher. You've had a rough time and it will take you time to grieve these losses. Perhaps there is something special that you could do to remember their lives and to give you some comfort and closure. Thinking of you.
Peace, Sam
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Could you please post a picture?
B Weinstein
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