I lit a candle in the window for him and said a few prayers. It has been a hard year. 

Also today is bittersweet. Today is also my puppy's first birthday. He was born a little before 2 hours after Reno passed. 

For people who are dealing with others who are saying, "Get over it already". 

You will never get over it. You learn to accept it on your terms. It is hard, I know. Our furbabies become part of our heart and soul. They are "OUR" loved ones. So do not let anyone ever dictate to you on how you should deal with it. It is your heart, soul, and feelings that are hurting. They should be there for you and respect you and your feelings towards your furbaby. 

Our furbabies will be with us for the rest of our lives until the knock us over when the great us at the Rainbow Bridge. I lit a candle on Christmas and prayed and I have a picture of him streaking across my mancave. 

I lit a candle and prayed today on the first anniversary and got something different. I do know that someone on this site took my advice and said after they did that. A large "shooting star" streaked across the sky. 

Do not ever be afraid of what anyone thinks about how you feel for your furbaby. It is you and the bond the never can be broken with your baby. You can always come here and someone will answer you at anytime if you need help. 

Take care all. My thoughts and prayers to all of you who are hurting right now. I am also sending out hugs. 

Gnite everyone.
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Dear J.R.,

I am sorry for the anniversary of your beloved crossing over. It is admirable that you still think of him and honor this day. And I extend the Happiest of Birthday wishes to your Pup.

Thank you for posting and sharing your insightful words & observations etc. They have great meaning here on this forum.

Kind regards,
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Wow Juni. I think I will do the same thing, and light candles. Having a puppy with the birthday as the loss of Reno is really bittersweet, what a roller coaster of emotions you must have today. My thoughts are with you and I hope to have your strength going forward.
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Juni, your words are beautiful.

I'm sure that Reno was jumping for joy when they saw the candle that you lit.

Happy birthday to your precious puppy. Shower him/her with love and kisses!

"Get over it" are probably the three dumbest words ever spoken. When you love a furry baby, the love is forever, unconditional, and irreplaceable.  Toxic people are just that, toxic, and serve no purpose in our lives.

Warm regards,
K. Unger
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Thank you all for the replies. 

I did get a sign from Reno. It came the next morning. A flower bloomed on a tree that is not supposed to have flowers. I cannot explain it. I looked real close to make sure it was not a vine plant that has grown into the branches. It is not. Everyone is scratching their heads at this one. ( no we do not live near a nuclear facility. lol ) Christmas time a white light moved through the room which we barely got a pic of before it disappeared and now this....... RENORESIZE.jpg 

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It will be one year for Oscar in December and I’m already having anxiety as we head into Fall. Time has gone by so quickly. I’m starting to get depressed, doesn’t help that the shorter days bring that on anyway. I dread that Dec 17 coming because it will confirm in my head that I haven’t seen, touched, hugged, looked into his eyes in a full 12 months. 💔
Oscar, always Mommy’s Boy, forever in my ❤️ 
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