I know I will probably sound crazy to some but I need to share this story. I lost my buddy Jake January 22nd of 2015. I have mourned for him and cry over his loss at least once a week. I have considered getting another pet but the timing didn't seem right. Well Jake had this thing he would do when he wanted me up wake up. He was a big black lab and he wold come to the side of the bed and put his nose on the mattress right in front of my face and make this "hmph" sound. On Saturday night I was sound asleep and I swear that he came to the bed and he did his hmph thing. I even said out loud " it's to early Jake, go lay down buddy ". Well it happened again and this time my phone fell off the bedside table. I picked it up and there was a picture on an adopt a pet website that I had not visited. Plain as day it was there. It was a picture of a little black lab girl and it said act quickly. I have contemplated what to do. Well the site said she is so available and I'm heading there this morning to see. It's an hour and a half drive but I have decided that if she is still there then i will bring her home because I think Jake was telling me something from the rainbow bridge.

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I'm so happy for you that jake is guiding you. I lost my cat last week and want to get a new kitten but feel guilty, is it too soon, I would love Ollie to guide me like jake . Hope all goes well for you .
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KY - thanks for sharing your story.  I lost my 9 yr old choc lab on Jan 11. Luke, used to walk around the house in the middle of the night, and when he would go into the living room I would wake up from the sound of his nails clanking on the wood floor.  Yesterday morning at 4:08 am I awoke to the same sound.  No idea what it was, but for a brief moment I thought my boy was in the living room again.  Last week when I got home from work, for a brief second I saw a flash of light in the form a dog streak from the front door to the street and then it was gone.  Perhaps he had stopped by for a visit?!  

Anyway, I share to say I think Jake definitely paid you a visit and wants you to move forward.   Let us know what happens with the new lab rescue.  I applaud you for having the courage to love again.  
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That was surely a sign that Jake is saying it's what you need and he is giving you his blessing. He may somewhere along the line be related and wants you to have part of his family with you because he knows what a great mum you are. I would love to get another dog because I need a dog in my life but my hubby is adamantly against it. He says to get used to not having the 'tie' and once I get used to an 'easier' life I will be ok. Yes, practically it would be difficult with having a 22 month old baby and both working but we would manage. My mum and dad always looked after our beautiful Molly when we went away and she loved it and was spoilt rotten so I was happy to leave her with them. I couldn't have put her in kennels with as my parents are older and not as well we would have to with a new dog and my hubby knows I couldn't do that. Hope it works out on your visit, please let me know! X
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I totally believe this was him. Let us know the outcome. Im sure my black lab comes to me. What fabulous dogs they are.
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I think it's a no win situation here but I will work on it in the future. Did you go the kennels to see him? X
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I know how that feels. I lost my best friend, my childhood cat Rupert a month ago. Sometimes I do hear Rupert's sounds at night, even if he isn't there. 

My friend, my brother, Rupert, pre 2001-January 25, 2016 
I love you and I miss you. 

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Thank you for your post. I agree that it was Jake sending you a message & giving you a sign. I hope that the female black lab was waiting for you. Please keep us posted :-) Kasey
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KY: There was your sign! He's saying it's ok! Signs and dreams....I wish you much luck...please let us know what happens, as some of us are still waiting for "right timing." Praying for you that all is well and everything works out wonderfully. I miss my baby-dog so much it's unbearable so I've been filling my time with work & more work, though I'm not the same gal I was when Taco was here. God help me to feel peace & happiness again. Trying so hard to keep an open mind and knowing when to get another baby-dog some day. As soon as that happens for us I will keep you all posted.
Many blessings to you :- )
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i agree you are getting the message to adopt another pet....i was gonna wait about a year or so to adopt, but i too have been drawn to two particular cats that were of the same breed as my 18 year old that i had to put down two weeks ago. kinda like a message that she does not want me to be alone and that its ok to give a home to another cat or cats.

so, go ahead and adopt an animal that needs a good home.
dan kornstadt
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What a great story! Thanks for sharing that. We lost our sweet Corgi, Jenny, in January . I believe both of us have seen her around the house. I saw her lying next my side of the bed like she used to. I also heard the tapping noise of her nails on the wood floor, the sound of her breathing under the bathroom door and a curtain move where she used to lay near the window. And there wasn't any air blowing it. It's a wonderful feeling to know she is still with us and waits for us. We want to adopt another female Corgi in her honor. If you've ever had a Corgi, you know what love really is. Good bless you. Take care.
Donna Kinney
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Go for it! I used an animal communicator when Gabe was alive and since he has died. God, I hope he visits me like that. I am so happy for you :-)
Gabe's Mom
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Wow.... that is awesome praise God!
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Wishing all the best with the rescue/adoption. Please let us know how it goes. P4070005.JPG 

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Love this! Keep us posted! Would so LOVE a visit from Our Black Lab Stella who crossed 12/28th.

xo Stella's mom

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