This past Saturday was suppose to be the best day of my life, it was my wedding day, but two day before my life turned upside down. On Thursday I was with my whole family setting up the decorations under the tent. We got married in Vermont at my husband's families home in a beautiful field. My dogs have been up there countless times and we had been training my sweet mable to be off leash. I reached her at 5 weeks old and for her entire life ( she turned 4 in July) she has been my little duckling, following me everywhere. The location is in a back woods part of Vermont so very little traffic and big open fields. Mable had been doing so great off leash she listened when called and didn't even bat and eye when a car or quad for that matter drove by. All morning had been beautiful especially after so many days of rain so I decided I would take the dogs out of the house and bring them to the field with me. I tied up my other dogs since she is a little early of other dogs and I left mable loose like she had been for so long. My mom was there with her dog who is a bit of pain but my mom had her off leash but she just sits in the car. I remember the exact moment it happened. I was cutting the weird foam for flower arranging to make a lollipop vouglqet for the kids table when I heard my mom's dog barking. She jumped out of her car to charge at a truck that was speeding down the road. That was the moment I saw mable my sweet little godlike dog running as fast as she could towards the truck. I started screaming running towards he car trying to get it to stop but they were going too fast. Mable was hit and died instantly in front of my eyes. That was the moment it felt like my soul was sucked from my body. I couldn't even cry at first I just collapsed to the ground as my husband ran and got her to bring her to the vet. I only came to focus when I heard my other dog screaming in the background. She was pulling and standing on her back legals making a sound I will never forget. That was her baby. I didn't plan on keeping mable, i fostered her and her two brothers but mable chose us. She would try to nurse on my 85 lb pitbull mix and that was it the two of them were in love and inseparable. It still doesn't feel real and I barely remember the wedding. It was the hardest thing in my life to do. But this wedding was for everyone else so we just went through the motions and tried not to cry( even though that didn't work) Everytime someone would ask if we were having a good time. Mable was my best friend and was the happiest dog I've ever met. She was always smiling no matter what and was always there. Her entire life was consumed with where I was. She would sit in the window and wait anytime I left. This is he first time i have experienced a loss of a dog, these two dogs are the only i have ever had. I am at a loss of how to function and how am I suppose to help my surviving dog cope. She has always been very sensitive and borderline depressed. We will be picking up Mable's ashes in two weeks and plan to go on a "honeymoon". It will really be a memorial tour for mable. We will have her ashes and bring her on her last big adventure and scatter her ashes all over her favorite places on New England.
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I am so, so sorry for your loss of Mable.  To lose your beloved little girl in such a tragic manner, and to have witnessed it happen just 2 days before what should have been the happiest day of your life is just heartbreaking.   All I can say is that it will slowly get better, but it will take time - you are still probably in shock and disbelief right now.   Your other dog should be okay in time with the love and care of both you and your husband - dogs are a lot more resilient than we think, but keep a close eye on her.    
 I think scattering Mables ashes all over her favourite places is such a lovely idea,   as you say, a last big adventure for her.  Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your honeymoon - although it will be very sad, it is also a beautiful memorial to your precious little Mable.   Once again, I am so very sorry - sending you peace and hugs,

J Taylor
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So sorry, what a terrible thing to happen. I am sure you are distraught. Hugs to you. 
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So sorry for your loss of Mable. See how you are doing, then decide on honeymoon and the spreading of the ashes.
You have two very big events in your life circling all kinds of emotions.
Your wedding and the loss of your baby.
Give yourself time to grieve.
So sorry for your loss
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MarblesMom, I feel that you and I are going through very similar experiences right now. I am so sorry for your loss. The way I feel, I would never wish this feeling upon anyone. My baby Dozer was also hit by a car last Thursday night although I did not see it. I cannot imagine having to see that image. I am so sorry. This year has been very hectic for us, we had another baby in January and we just lost our other dog, Bob, last year to cancer and old age. I have been sick this summer and my husband works very long hours. We are struggling financially as I have gone down to working only a day or two a week due to the baby refusing bottles. Dozer would have been 4 on monday. We had him since birth, and with my husbands new busy job and me attending to two kids under 3 we were thinking about getting another dog to keep Doze company as he had always had a friend before. Into our lives walks Nero, a dog we adopted through a friend from a very bad home. I don't know why I thought I would be able to handle a newborn, 2 year old, and a dog with issues. He has a very strong prey drive and would often run off, something Dozer would never do. Dozer loved our babies so much, he never wandered far from them and even slept in their room at night. 6 months later and the two dogs have ran away together multiple times. No matter what we did, Nero would always find a way out, get off his chain, snap his collar, run out the door, etc. We talked about rehoming him so so so many times but felt that we didnt want to upset the kids or Dozer so we kept him. The other night I had worked all day ( I only work a couple days a week) and then it had rained when we got home so the dogs had not been out at all. I decided I better let them out before bed, and that they probably needed to stretch their legs (plus they only poop in the weeds) so I stayed out there with them while they ran all over the yard. I heard the baby let out a sharp cry from the living room where my 2 year old was and ran in to make sure he was ok and soothe him. Just like that, in less than 3 minutes, dogs were gone. I called and called and they didnt come home. The worst part is I wasnt even worried as they have previously run the 800 acre farm and we live about a 1/4 mile off the road. I went back in thinking they would make it home as they always do. About 5 minutes later, Nero (adopted dog) comes home acting strange but covered in mud, so I assume again that they were running the creek behind our house. I continue calling Dozer for 10 minutes until I see a cop car in the distance on the road in front of our house. It didnt even register. Then he comes up the drive way and my heart sinks. Dozer was hit by a car near the guardrail, right where the creek ends. I was so hurt and shocked I didnt even believe it. I have never regretted something so much in my life. I feel that he probably ran up the creek when he heard me call, but as I was not outside, I do not know. Dozer was my baby and he was with my through both my pregnancies and all major adult life experiences. I know in my heart if I would have put them out one at a time, or stayed out with them, or even put them both on the chain, he would still be here. I am wracked with grief and have not been eating or sleeping much, I still feel like hes coming home. He was so smart and never ran until we got Nero. He loved me, my husband and our kids so much, he was so protective of them. He was my first baby. I immediately wished it would have been the other dog. Dozer meant so much to me and was with me at my lowest points. I do not know if I will ever love another dog that way. My husband went and picked him up and buried him next to his best friend, Bob, on the hill. We are both devastated, he was our first born. I find myself resenting myself and Nero and wishing so badly that we never took him in, and I feel guilty about these feelings too. My son keeps asking why Dozer isnt coming home, and I fall apart all over again. I can't live with this grief. I am so sorry for your loss and just know you are not alone in these feelings. 
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So, so sorry for you loss!  My Rosie was hit by a garbage truck the same way.  Died instantly.  I didn't see, but my husband and son did.  My son did as you did...he collapsed.  My 
Rosie was my heart and soul.  We had her 10 1/2 beautiful years and lost her almost 1 year ago October 17.  My heart still breaks.  The one consolation is that it happened instantly as it did for your Mable.  Until that moment she was a happy little dog and knew she was loved.  Never forget that.  I never had the chance to say goodbye to my girl right after it happened because I was at work an hour away.  It will hurt for a very long time, but it does get better.  We got a puppy a few months after my Rosie passed.  He is a joy and holds a different place in my heart.  You too will mend.  Hugs and prayers.....  You will meet once again! Rosie.jpg 

Denise Von
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Hello Marble's mom,
I am so sorry to read what happened. How tragic that this should happen before the happiest day of your life! I feel so badly for what you must be going through losing Mable. I also feel badly for your other dog (Mables mother) especially as she seems borderline depressed and regardless of what people think, dogs are very smart and they do have very long memories! I think I might bring her with you to pick up the ashes as I feel she will sense what is happening. It's so important for you to mourn this terrible loss together as her two mothers. It will help her but it will also help you because you are not going through this alone. Your other dog is the only one in this world who truly understands the pain you are feeling. I hope you are able to have some peace on your honeymoon hon! I think I would leave one of Mable's toys with her mom (dog) so she feels she has some remembrance of Mable. The best way to help her is to spend lots of time with her and let her know she is loved and hasn't lost everything. She will want to be there for you even through her own pain I'm quite sure! I wish you all the best and when your wedding day comes, tell yourself you loved Mable very much and she knew it! Then smile and take that step toward this new journey in your life. Mable will watching and smiling too! Please take good care. Everything will work out!
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